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There are many people who have a thorough knowledge of Japan, others superficial that derives from their personal experiences, from their studies and especially from their passions.

Among those who follow us and enrich the Order and our blogs, there are people who share our philosophy, participate in our projects and write on our blogs having their own space, with their name and the ability to express themselves.

These often become members of our community because we offer many possibilities and different types of registration that are suitable for everyone.

If you want to collaborate with us or more information on what we are dealing with at the time write us and we will respond quickly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Registration to the Order takes place via form after reading this presentation that expresses our philosophy and what we want to do and our statuto so you can have the idea of ​​all the organs that will make this community work.

The cost of enrollment will depend on the type of Member you want to become and will be decided by the Board or, early when this has not yet settled, by the Chairman.

Active Member:

The person who actively participates in the projects, events and activities of the Order (at its best). Bring the philosophy of the Order to fullness and work to grow it (even by submitting candidates who want to be part of it).

Regular Member:

The one who participates in the life of the order (to the fullest extent possible) but is not fully active in carrying out the projects and / or events that are being implemented. Bring the Order's philosophy to the fullest and strive to grow it by helping when required with its skills (including submitting candidates who want to be part of it).

Supporter Member:

Anyone who is unable to participate in the Order's conduct for personal and / or work reasons, but believes in the philosophy of the Order and supports it economically or by means at its disposal.

Senator Member:

Anyone who, even if unable to participate in the Order's conduct, believes in our philosophy and sustains it in a generous and continuous manner. The Senators are order benefactors in carrying out ordinary and extraordinary activities in carrying out the Order's projects and events.

Once registered, the new member will be part of the Order and will be given the registration card, which will receive each year at his home address or personally if required.
For those who will have organizational functions within the Order (they will be part of the Statutory Bodies), an additional card will be delivered at no extra cost.
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