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Eating in Japan Saving the Mid

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risparmiare mangiare in giappone 2

Eating in Japan can be expensive, but there are some small "tricks" that allow you to save, eat well and good things, even up to 50%.


Whoever in Japan knows how expensive it may be to eat, we can find all kinds of both Eastern and Western cuisine, but sometimes going to the restaurant can be exorbitant for our budget.

But there is a small solution, a kind of "trick" to save up to 50%. As you will be asking for, it is actually simple because Japanese stores and supermarkets use an interesting and useful philosophy that should use more of the shopkeepers than we are, or in the closing time, to discount the rest to sell it and not to throw it away .

So there are people that go  before the closure of the shop to turn between the shelves to put "strange" stamps on the bento packs, each of which saves you and you can so dine with a good warm owl without having to spend too much :). But you have to be careful because there are different types of bills and then discounts, check it out well before you take yours.


risparmiare mangiare in giappone 5

In the above case, we have a 100円引 ("100 yen biki"), the price of 100 yen does not indicate the new selling price, but rather how much it will be discounted. In the case of the above photo you see that the starting cost is 487 yen, in this case the final sale price will be 100 yen less.

Instead, we find bullets that indicate the percentage discount and even the most sought-after ones that indicate the bullet with 半 額 (hangaku). These bento are sold at half price compared to the one shown on the box.


risparmiare mangiare in giappone 3


You should check the labels in this case, though sometimes difficult to read for Westerners. Foods near the expiration date are subject to discounts.


risparmiare mangiare in giappone 6


In this case we can see that on the box in the photo at the top, there are two dates. The date on the left indicates the deadline, that is March 18 at midnight. Instead, on the right, we find the date it was "produced", that is March 17 at 2.40pm.

If the product is on the expiration date, or near it, then we might find the discounted sales stick (as far as the supermarket is concerned) but do not worry if you find this kind of discounts, food though in "expiration" , say so, is more than good and will not create any kind of problem.
Take advantage of this system, so you can eat well by saving some money you can use for another, do not "be ashamed" to take these obnoxious discounts because it's normal in Japan, they do it all, from students, to people who work, even housewives :) then put us in :D



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