Fukai Nihon Introduction

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What Fukai Nihon Do

presentazione fukai nihon


The Order collects to itself all the fans of Japan, in all its forms, shades and reality. We are apolitical, we do not tolerate discrimination based on race, sex or religion in our ranks, because each in its uniqueness can teach someone else.

The order has the purpose of bringing people towards this incredible culture. A nation rich diversity, loved for what preserve and cure. The field where will action will be:


The Japanese culture is a set of disciplines which boasts wonderful millennia of history, traditions and fascinating contradictions. So 'vast that it would be difficult to collect all its facets, the best known to the lesser known, but our task is to make it known to those who still knows nothing about it, and let it appreciate even more to those who already knew but did not so well.

We will divide our fields of action of these macro elements:

We will slipt up the elements above, those known but especially those less well-known or that really few know, that people would never have expected from Japan.

Entertainment and Collectibles:

This industry in Japan is one of the busiest and well known outside the country, enclosing inside many interesting and fascinating activities:

Hobbies and Collectibles stuff  are one of the activities that are best known abroad. So important, both for tourist than to an economic point of view:

Travel and Destinations:

One of the important purposes for the order is to help our members in their travels (and our future one) in Japan, if is for their first time or for preparing their next trips, to supporting them with:

                                 GOALS AND HOW TO ACHIEVE THEM 

The goals of the order are varied and have in common the desire to learn, discover or rediscover the charm of the jeep, its contradictions, its nature.

Some of the points will be feasible immediately, others can be developed over time:

Make know to the people the many face of Japan:

Using internet, creating a website ad hoc (or network of sites if our members are already possess one); we use social media in all forms to give voice to our projects, to attract online communities interest. We’ll create initiatives like exhibitions, conferences, fairs and other about Japan.

Join those who follow this incredible culture:

There are people who know the Japanese culture, and others who are interested about it, but do not know how to approach to it. Our aim will be the one to make contact this two parts,; they will find in us a great point for information, culture and care.

The use of online platforms that we created (website, social, etc.) will be very useful at the beginning, will allow us to reach many people in a simple and direct way.

Through public or private initiatives that will help to active our projects. When the order is large enough we’ll have remote locations that will take these initiatives in our places.

Help and provide assistance to the members of the order:

The help, assistance and to be close to our members is one of the fundamental points of this order (also enshrined in the Statute). Our assistance will cover different aspects, from the simplest one like provide informations, to the one with help in planning a trip, but most will offer assistance once in Japan.

We will provide our members web contacts, email, social chat, forum, messagging (whatapp, line, etc.) and more. In this way, wherever they are (especially when they are in Japan) can take advantage of our assistance for road information, guides, tips and help for purchases, etc.

Establish cultural relations and friendship in Japan:

This goal is important for the order because we allow it to link with cultural, social and economic directly in Japan.

We’ll make friendships with cultural organizations that enhance and promote specific aspects of Japanese culture, or friendships directly with individuals or groups.

The same may be true with economic realities and sales on site. This will allow us to provide our members possibility of purchases or subsidized services.