Dragon Ball: Goku & Bulma DESKTOP Real McCoy of MegaHouse

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 goku bulma real mccoy3

From MegaHouse this amazing figure of two of the most loved characters of the famous anime series: 
Dragonball. Begin the product pre-sales that are sure many of you will not lose it.

All the fans of the Figures know the renowned MegaHouse manufacturer, know that his pieces are always balanced, well cared for in details and colors, and this time they do not deny.


goku bulma real mccoy


The two protagonists of the series are depicted on a Capsule Corporation motorcycle, who has seen the TV series  and remember their trips together; in this figure Bulma is driving and Goku is sitting behind. The figure will have a height of about 14 cm in PVC.



goku bulma real mccoy2

Although pre-sales will be available, the piece will not be available until January 2018 at a price of 10584 Yen, which you will find in all of Japan's stores and in online sales.

From the first rumors about the piece there is not much to say if not that is interesting and cute. The details and colors are perfect as well as the finishes, but from such an important manufacturer you can not expect less. The only defect (it's for many of us :) ) is the rather high price, unfortunately characteristic of MegaHouse productions.