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Fukai Nihon 深い日本 Find out Who we Are


The Order brings together all the fans of Japan, in all its forms,  shades and realities. We want to bring to you a japan that is not so much know, digging deep inside its beauties and its contradictions. We are apolitical, we don't tolerate discrimination of race, sex or religion among our members, because everyone in his uniqueness can teach someone else.

The order wants to bring people closer to this incredible culture, as ancient as few others in the world. A nation rich in diversity, loved for what it represents and carries on and sometimes hated for some of its controversial positions.

You can find out more about who we are and what we want to carry on by reading the part of the introduction that you'll find below by clicking on the icon, or read the statute so you can get an idea of how we are organized, the organs that make the order work .


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                          STATUTE ORDER                                      INTRODUCTION



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