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[Review] ビジネスホテル はやし Beppu Ekimae Hotel Hayashi

User Rating: 4 / 5

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Beppu Ekimae Hotel

articolo in inglese


  For a low average budget, practically of in front
 of the station, this hotel has many things that do
 not go and a little consolation, his Spa spa 
 available to customers. 


Reaching the Ekimae hotel very easy because it is practically in front of the Beppu station. When you get to the station, take the exit near the information center. You'll find yourself in the large square of the station where there are buses and in front of you the main road leading to the coastal area.
Beppu Ekimae Hotel Hayash map
You'll recognize it from the facade of the building, which in itself does not give much security. The review that I will propose is enough on my experience, unfortunately negative, if others who have stayed in this Hotel have had different experiences, they are welcome to give their opinion.


Entered the Hall you'll be welcome from staff who can speak English, so they will understand you and you can understand them, a simple English but enough to allow understanding on both sides.
The first impression gives the feeling of an old, certainly not renewed, but at least in the part of the entrance was well maintained and clean. In case you arrive in advance of the check-in time, you can leave your suitcases and continue your day.

The hotel has single rooms, double occupancy and twins. It is possible to book a Japanese-style room, then with a tatami floor and a "bed" with a futon. The images that I propose are those official hotel, but the rooms inside are not so beautiful unfortunately.
Beppu Ekimae Hotel room

I show you the pictures taken in my room. Unfortunately, the experience was not the best, the carpet presented stains, the inside things was few, old and in some cases even broken.
Beppu Ekimae Hotel mio
I never found myself in rooms so tanned, to make you understand, I had booked 2 nigth and oh not done, i did only 1. The only good thing is the wi-fi present that gives a good reception of the signal, so you can easily use your PC, tablet or smartphone.


The type of payment accepted are:



The check-in starts from 16.00-24.00 and check-out before 10.00am. But remember that there are "penality" to be paid in the event that these times are not respected:

No Show 100% Cost of the Room  
Cancell the day arriving 100% Cost of the Room 


As you understood my remarks about this hotel are very negative. Never found a similar place, beyond the old structure, which in itself would not be a problem if it was working, find the dirt and equipment or furniture badly suited is not the best. As soon I got out of the elevator and arrived at the floor of my room already there were big stains on the carpet that did not bode well.

Arrived in the room, unfortunately, the negative experience continues because even there there were not very pleasant spots. The bed was comfortable, the bed linen clean, but the room itself did not leave that sense of tranquility and relaxation one needs after a day out around Beppu.

The only positive note of the structure is the small spa available on the top floor. Unfortunately for me I could not use it because it was entirely occupied by a school baseball team. But if the images are closer to the truth at least this is a pleasant surprise.

Beppu Ekimae Hotel spa


If you want to learn about  other reviews of hotels in Beppu, follow our pages that will help you get an idea in planning your trip.


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