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Hakone Yumoto Onsen Hotel Yaeikan 弥栄館

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Facciata Yaeikan ryokan

Hakone is one of the destinations that should never miss for your visit Japan. This Ryokan is a very charming, relaxing place with indoor spas to enjoy the best during your stay.

This one is a ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel) that might be interesting. Unfortunately in Hakone stays overnight are quite expensive, and the ryokan are not an exception, but it is worth saying that overnight is included dinner and breakfast. In addition to the use of thermal baths in the structure.



accesso yumoto onsen yaeikan


Once you get to the station you can walk to ryokan, but there is a long walk to do, so I suggest you get along with the hotel to book the shuttle that will take you directly to your destination.

 The shuttle will be halfway from the main street, shortly after the station (speak well with the hotel to arrange for arrival and where to find it), the cost of transport is 100 yen and has a frequency of 5 minutes every hour, but after 23.05 the frequency is every 35 minutes. Once on the shuttle in 3 minutes you will arrive at your destination.


arrivare Yaeikan onsen



Once you arrive you'll find a very spacious, beautiful, Japanese-style entrance, as you would be in the past, take off your shoes to get in. And the first impact says everything and will make you enjoy your stay in this beautiful ryokan.



ingresso yaeikan ryokan


The rooms are in Japanese style so you will not find beds ready, but rather the free room, which will be set for dinner or breakfast by placing a little table in the center.
While for the night you will find your futons waiting for you ready. Here's an example of how the room I stayed in was very welcoming, warm and comfortable.


stanze yaeikan ryokan


The rooms are clean and you will have the help of the staff when needed. Unfortunately, in some cases, the English level is low and others are absent, so it may be difficult to understand. But this is also part of the charm of the place.

Rooms have the minimum necessary, you will find satellite television, small fridge and air conditioning. Bad thing is that regarding the internet connection, there is no Wifi or Lan concession in the rooms, so a leap back in time ..... which could also be a good thing to really relax.

The strong point are the two types of baths, indoor and outdoor onsen (one for sex for indoor and outdoor) that are really nice and relaxing, what really takes after a long day in Hakone


Onsen Yaeikan ryokan


And then there are private bathrooms, with two types of pools, which are also very relaxing and suitable for couples who can book them at their leisure


Vasche onsen Yaeikan



The type of payment you are accepting is just cash if you pay directly to the Ryokan, using the online site you can use other modes.

The check-in starts from 15.00 and check-out before 10.00am. But remember that there are "penality" to be paid in the event that these times are not respected:


No Show or cancell the day of arrive 100% Cost of the Room
Cancell the day before arrive 50% Cost of the Room
Cancell 4 before the arrive 20% Costof the Room



Hakone is amazing as a place, clean nature, natural spas, the area is geologically very active, and important temples.
The staff are polite and ready to follow all your needs, the rooms are comfortable, for those who have never used it, sleeping on the Futun might be difficult but it fits right away.

It is also nice breakfast and dinner that can be consumed comfortably and completely relaxing in your room, a thing that is relaxing and very comfortable.


Cena Mauro yaeikan


Enjoy this Ryokan but above all the incredible place that is Hakone, and once you come back to your room after a long day relax by lounging on the tatami, awaiting the beautiful panorama you will see from your window.
If you want to know more about the Hakone Hotels and Ryokan, follow our pages to help you make an idea of how to plan your trip.


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