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Tonosawa QS Hotel Hakone 塔ノ沢 キャトルセゾン

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tonosawa hotel hakone

This high-end /mid-range price hotel is the ideal for your overnight stay in Hakone. You'll can be able to enjoy Hakone in all its splendor.
Hakone, an incredible place to enjoy nature, natural resources (there are plenty of spas), food and above all a peace that has the ancient sense.



The hotel is located a bit off the center and is within a medium / high band as the cost you can find in Hakone. Hotels, or Ryokan in Hakone are very expensive (given the tourist destination), so you have to see what services they offer and what you can find as extra.

Getting to Hakone needs time because the way for arrive there can be different and depending on the one used can be more or less simple. Let's see a small information mirror to help you reach this beautiful resort.


Tonosawa Qs map hakone


Arriving at the station you can take the Hakone tozan bus (direct to Tougendai: 桃源 台) and get off at Kami-tonosawa stop: 上 塔 ノ 沢. The run will last 3 minutes at the cost of 170yen.



Once you get off, just continue walking for 1 minute and you will find the hotel on your right; Once you arrive you will find a very small hall, or rather a bench where you will be welcomed for the check in procedures. In case you come first you can leave your luggage and continue, the hotel will take you to your room.

The rooms are in western style, renovated in 2014 and are very stylish and comfortable. The rooms are equipped with Wifi and have all an incredible view, overlooking the river below, giving you a sense of peace and relaxation.


room tonosawa hotel


The rooms are clean and you will have the help of the staff when they serve, very kind and prepared, who can speak a basic english, so you should be able to make them understand.

The strong point is the large private bath that you can book, a large, hot tub on the lost after a long day of walks.


bagni comuni Tonosawa QS


Dinner and breakfast are served in the common room in front of a beautiful glass window that brings you closer to the nature of Hakone, a really relaxing time. Dinner is served from 6 pm to 7 pm (to be confirmed on site) and breakfast 08.00 to 09.30.



The type of payment accepted in addition to cash is just a few cards like:

VISA             JCB          Diner’s Club           AMEX              Mastercard

The check-in starts from 15.00 till 22.00 and check-out before 10.00am. But remember that there are "penality" to be paid in the event that these times are not respected:

No Show 100% Cost of the Room 
Cancell same day of arriving 70% Cost of the Room

 Cacell the day before arrive  50% Cost of the Room
Cancell 4 days before arriving 20% Cost of the Room



On Hakone there is so much to say, it is suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy nature, for those seeking relaxation of the spas and for those who love strolling or historic temples.

This kind of hotel is also recommended to those who might have problems in the Ryokan classics where the style of the rooms are Japanese, for many it is more comfortable to sleep in a bed in the west.

If you want to know more about the Hakone Hotels and Ryokan, follow our pages to help you make an idea of how to plan your trip.
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