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[Review] サニーストンホテル Sunny Stone Hotel 1 Esaka

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Sunny Stone hotel osaka 1 articolo in inglese  
 Hotel with a good quality / price ratio. Located in
 the Esaka district, 2 stops from Shin-Osaka. The area is lively and comfortable and easy to get around by subway. 



Arrive at the hotel is not complicated, it is conveniently served by Osaka metro, only a 3-minute walk. It is located near Shin-Osaka station (it's the second stop):

Sunny Stone hotel osaka map

From International Aiport of Osaka or from train from Tokyo :

  • JR Limited Express Haruka : Get Out at Shin-Osaka and take subway, line Midosuji (red line) to Serri-Chuo, the second stop at ESAKA.
  • Nankai Rail : From Namba Station take subway, red line Midosuji, to Serri-Chuo, second stop at ESAKA.
  • Umeda Station and Shin-Osaka Station : Take the subway, red line Midosuji, to Serri-Chuo, second stop at ESAKA.

Arriving at the Esaka Station, take exit Nr. 6, you'll find it right when you come out of the gate. Take the green overpass that you find in front of you, or go down the stairs, and take the crossing in front of you (you will see a coffee).
After crossing go to the left, but if you get off the bridge continue straight for a few meters. At the corner turn right and continue straight ahead you will see the hotel that will appear on your right.

                                                          IN HOTEL :
Entered Hotel has a 'wide lobby and reception area will be in front of you; English speaking staff (an understandable English) is friendly and professional, so do not worry. If you arrive before check-in please leave your luggage in custody, so as to be free to start your tour, you regain them at the time of making the recording.  

The hotel is divided into Main Building with 4 types of rooms:

main rooms stone hotel

The other part is the Annex Building with 4 types of rooms. Choose which type of area is important, not just for the location but because it determines the price (cheaper Annex) and the type of room, even if both are comfortable and clean.
annex rooms stone hotel

The Annex is part of the old palace, is a bit 'more austere, with rooms a little' closer (no desk, but a small minute space on which to rest the pc) and is the cheapest. Suitable for those who are interested only dormine (perhaps because one is only 1 or 2 nights) and not seek another. The Japanese-style room, is for families or groups of 3 people.

"Accessories" in the room differs slightly with the Main Build, but the most important thing is that both facilities are always clean and welcoming. If you want more comfort, more space even in the desk, then the Main Building is the solution for you.
If you are passing through and want to save, or to you only interested in having a good bed, it is clean and has daily spare parts, then the Annex is for you.

                                                 USEFUL INFORMATION :

The type of payment accepted are:

pay hotel tipi pagamenti


The time for check-in starts from 15:00 and check-out before 10.00. Remember that there are "penality" to be paid if these times are not respected:

No Show 100% of the Room Cost 
Cancel the day arrive 80% of the Room Cost
Cancel the day before arriving 20%of the Room Cost


The neighborhood is interesting. Is 'very active, youthful, you'll find everything you need: shops, many restaurants, shopping centers, cafes and more.  

To get to the "center" it takes about 20 minutes, but the subway is fast and convenient and takes you anywhere without any problem. The Shin-Osaka Station is just 2 stops, so you arrive or depart is very convenient.

The hotel is comfortable, clean and offers all the comforts you need for Both, long stays or for a few quick nights. The staff is prepared and very friendly, they will understand english speaking slowly  and make you understand and help in case of need.
They are willing to help you with the information you need or if problems arise with the rooms.

If you look for other hotels in Osaka, follow our reviews that you find at your disposal.
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