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Ark Hotel Ikebukuro アークホテル東京池袋

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Ark hotel Ikebukuro

The hotel stands out for its excellent value, have good price, friendliness and convenience and is located in the heart of one of the most interesting districts of Tokyo: Ikebukuro.


To get there just a walk of just over 5 minutes (10 the first time if impractical and suitcase.) For someone who knows the area is simple, is located near the famous Sunshine and Tokyu Hands, for those who there has never been don't worry I will guide you until the 'hotel.

East exit of Ikebukuro station, you will notice a circular plaza as a reference, follow the path marked as in the map:

Mappa Ark Hotel Ikebukuro


At the end of the road, where you will see Dashed lines, it means that you have to cross the highway and flounder under the structure, once crossed the pass, turn left and keep walking and after a few meters you will come to the hotel that you'll recognize from the photo the facade




ark hotel ikebukuro ingresso


At the reception you will find the English speaking staff (although not perfect, but enough to understand them and make you understand) very polite and friendly.

The hotel has 3 types of rooms: single (divided into normal and Lady for women), double (as a single bed and a half square) and twin:


ark hotel ikebukuro room


Among the services offered by the hotel we can find:


Ark hotel servizi

* Ponta is a points card, depending on which you've spent is converted into points, which lets you discounts and services. ** electronic coin introduced by chain Aeon
The rooms are comfortable and give a sense of space. The My experience is linked to the Twins and I must say that I was like in a 4-star hotel :), the room was very large and very comfy beds. The interior is clean and functional and allow a pleasant stay that goes beyond just sleep. The desks are large enough to allow the support of a PC and work in comfort.



The type of payment accepted are:


tipi pagamenti hotels 2

The check-in starts from 15.00 and check-out before 10.00am. But remember that there are "penality" to be paid in the event that these times are not respected:

No Show 100% Cost of the Room  
Cancel same day arrive 80% Cost of the Room 
Cancell the day before 20% Cost of the Room



The hotel left me very satisfied for several reasons, and to be honest I don't find major flaws or things to report; for breakfast, which I didn't use it, I can't say anything, but in general the first impact and the end is positive.
From the outside it looks clean, well maintained, is located in a neighborhood around the area where you have everything you need.

The staff is friendly, professional and although it is not perfect English you can understand and make themselves understand you, are available to meet you if have problems of any kind, or even for simple information.

The rooms are clean, spacious and comfortable, rarely found hotel well and I'm happy, the rooms also find a humidifier and air purifier, smaller bathroom accessories.

Among the services offered there is a small laundry room (very small, a washing machine and dryer), which can be useful for your laundry. Before doing the washing detergent ask the reception, they will give you a bag (costs 40 yen) with detergent to use for your washing.


If you want to learn about other reviews of hotels in Tokyo, follow our pages that will help you get an idea in planning your trip.



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