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  • Written by Romano Mandozzi
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shinjuku new city

 articolo in inglese



The hotel is located in one of the most important, active and interesting districts of Tokyo: Shinjuku. The structure is practical, comfortable and for those who have a medium / high budget.


To reach the hotel we have several options available. Let's start from the simplest of all, using the shuttle that will take you directly to the destination, which departs from the department stores of Shinjuku near the west exit of the station.

shuttle shinjuku new city

From Tocho-mae station on the Oedo metro line with a little 5 minutes walk you can arrive at the hotel; If you leave from JR Shinjuku's west exit it will takes 14 minutes to walk.


shinjuku new city map


If you are uncomfortable in moving, especially if you have many luggage or a few but heavy luggage, I would recommend the shuttle service. Contact the hotel so you can have more information or about the change the times than the ones published.



Shinjuku New City is a very convenient  structure, and is particularly suitable for travel and tourism, since you can not find a special welcome on arrival (perhaps like in on a honeymoon).  
Entering immediately there you can found a large lobby where we can put all the luggage, the restaurant on our right, and on the left we notice the relaxation area to read or go on the internet (for fee), to relax  eating a snack (there are several coffee makers distributing coffee Snack drinks water ... ..) or wash clothes (Washing room).


shinjuku new city 2


Going a little ahead we immediately find a friendly reception on the left, The staff is very friendly and caring .... Like all of them, they know English well (eye to slight differences in pronunciation) and they can give different advice to our needs at both the hotel and Tokyo.
In front of the reception there is a large luggage balance (very useful !!!).


shinjuku new city rooms


We get into the lift that leads to the floors and we immediately find a small lobby with coin counters for snacks drinks ... water ... and more. On the ground a nice soft carpet, the locks are classic it's very easy to find the room, we come in and note that the rooms are almost all the same they have basic two beds (for the type of room we chose me and my friend).
There is plenty of space to move inside but we find a table with one or two eating chairs, a PC table or a writing desk and a fridge.

There is also a kettle for rice and / or microwave. The bathroom is very nice looking like a module inserted into the room but they are almost all so in Japanese western hotels, we find the tub, the water with the electric lid, bidet and sink, plus the water is drinkable.
There are soap towels and hairdryers. We look at the fluffy beds and look out the window the view is very nice there is the view of the park or other rooms have the view of the city but there is plenty of space we do not feel "closed" ... what we saw was Beautiful, very spacious and tree-lined ...


shinjuku new city facilities




The type of payment accepted are:



The check-in starts from 15.00 and check-out before 10.00am. But remember that there are "penality" to be paid in the event that these times are not respected:


No Show 100% Cost of the Room  
Cancel same day arrive 80% Cost of the Room 
Cancell the day before 20% Cost of the Room



Sincerely, we found everything very comfortable. Clean bed every day. Bus runs every 15 minutes. Nearby park, a small supermarket or two grocery store, a Donald McDuck and at least 4 local dining places ... not just two nearby metro stations.

  As I have said, it is a hotel suitable for cheap and sober travel and will be of interest to business travel and tourism by squeezing an eye on quality but without lussi for tourism is perfect because it leaves a great memory of our trip the cheaper and usable laundry there Will bring much less luggage in the suitcase ... ..we want to eat well there is a fantastic breakfast there on the dedicated floor paying a plus but unfortunately we did not take it .... the tables and the dishes were very delicious we can see them on the site When we book the hotel and I really did want to go there the next time we will make a leap.


shinjuku new city 3


My overall rating is 9 out of 10 but only because we did not work for two days and when we arrived at Shinjuku station we did not know where and how the shuttle bus would go forcing us to walk into the hotel 5 minutes walk with the Full But I guess it's more our fault because we could inform you it's a fantastic thing from the airport to Shinjuku station practically no walk and from the station the shuttle service. For those who have huge luggage is a tadpole !!!

If you want to learn about other reviews of hotels in Tokyo, follow our pages that will help you get an idea in planning your trip.


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