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First Step Before Entering in Japan

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After a long flight, with the excitement of visiting the Japan that you have dreamed so much, or come back after the first time, the first step to take before entering is through immigration.
The first steps start already on the plane when you'll receive 2 forms to fill out for entry into Japan, a white front / back for immigration, to fill out including the  questionnaire on the back:


immigration module enter

 I translate the questions that are asked to you :

1) Have you ever been deported from Japan, or subjected to a forced departure order or you've been denied entry?
2) Have you ever been found guilty in a crime in Gappone or other countries?
3) You are currently in possession of marijuana, opium, drugs, stimulants, swords, explosives or anything like that?
4) How much money you are in possession?

The other colored form is for customs and asks you information about the things you own. Both sheets should be stored because there will be requested once landed.


Modulo dogana ingresso giappone


Left the plane, walking toward the exit, you will arrive to the "doors" of immigration, with staff who will diligently guide you and check that you have all  documents completed.

Will hand your passport with leaves that have filled out the customs counter, the immigration officers will check it and proceed to the recording that, you have to put your fingerprints and be photographed.


japan immigration procedure


Until the autumn of 2016 the white sheet was compiled and stapled included in the passport, but the new procedures do not provide  it more, so do not worry if you do not find (like I did the last year hahaha).  

On passaport will be applied "sticker" on the blank page of the passport, that is the entry permit, which shall indicate the entry date and the expiration date of the visa. Once you return home from immigration you will be rehearsing on the sticker affixed a stamp is causing the departure date

Passaporto japan visa


Done Controls and made immigration procedures, you can now proceed to the baggage claim. Proceeding towards the exit you will find the "banks" for inspection and customs control, once you get your turn you show your passport with the colored sheet (which will deal) and will make the classic question: "you are here for tourism, business or what?" ...
Sometimes they do random checks and may also ask you to open the case to check the contents (to control deviations from your statement, refuse is not granted.

Now it's done, it remains for me to say ........ ENJOY JAPAN ....... HAVE ALOT OF FUN

Continue to follow the Important information that will help you in your travels in Japan, prepared to leave and avoid disappointment.
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