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Prepaid SIM Cards for Use Mobile in Japan

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 Would you like to be able to use your mobile
 phone in Japan ? let's find out how they work, the
 models, the rates and above all useful warnings
 before purchase of prepaid SIM cards


Despite what you think about Japan, unfortunately about the free Wifi, they are still behind. Few hot spots free and not always easy to configure.
So how do we do when we are around temples and having fun? the solutions can be essentially two. One is the pocket wifi the other one, that is gaining ground, is the use of prepaid sim cards that cover our period of stay.

There are some clarifications to be done before starting to talk about prepaid, the most important concerning your mobile phone. Not all mobile phones can work with these Sims and one of the essential things to do is understand if your phone is Free Sim. It means that your mobile phone can accept sim of other operators without problems.

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There should be no problem with new-generation cell phones, so this is a good starting point. To understand, however, if your model is really Sim Free there are operations (which must always be done with caution) that can be obtained with a simple search on Google, or by calling or asking where you got the phone.

Once you have ascertained that your mobile phone will accept the sims, the search in the jungle of the many offers and types of prepaid that in Japan you can find almost anywhere.


simp prepay japan3


Yes we talk about jungle because the offers you'll find in stores can make you want to pass, but with a little effort you can get out without problems. Then there is the golden rule, when you are not sure just ask and explain what are your needs and which sim would be the best.

Important is the sim model that your mobile phone mounts, because you will find distinct offers, even if all operators cover the sim of the classic dimensions, but don't make a mistake because once bought the package and then installed can't be withdraw it.

Another important factor is how long you need (7 days, 2 weeks, 21 days or even 3 months) and above all the capacity you need. As we know the Giga are never enough, and although we can "recharge" our sim (we'll talk later), it is better to already take the package with the jig that could serve.


simp prepay japan


I bring you my experience. I needed a Sim for the 3 months I spent in Japan. My problem was above all in the long period of stay. Many cards are made for tourists, so they normally cover 2 or 3 weeks. Found what I needed (the red next is the recharge), then the right size of the Sim (nano in my case), duration of the prepaid, the giga and start with the configuration.
Once you have entered the sim, the procedures vary depending on the prepaid model you have purchased, but do not worry, you will find precise information on the inside and on the manufacturer's website.

You must enter to the site, or via the mobile phone, and proceed with the registration and association of the card, so as to allow use in a few minutes. Important to remember. The majority of cards (practically all) don't allow voice calls, they are more Sim for data use.
They are perfect for Line, WhatsApp, Facebook (email and much more) and all that the network requires, but you can't make or receive phone calls, only emergency ones.


schema sim card ENG


The Prepaid Sim starts from the moment it is activated and has the indicated duration, so mine lasted 90 days since I registered and I started using it. The reception is high and this particular model connects to the docomo network and works in LTE with 4g network. My use was intensive so at the end the 2 giga was not enough and I found myself no longer having a line. So I had to think about a refill.

Also for refills there are various formats that you can choose based on what you need. The important, indeed the fundamental, is that the recharge can be done only if the card is still valid, so it must not have exceeded the expiration date. Don't worry because you can find all the information on the status of your Sim on the manufacturer's portal, so as to understand how many jigs there are left, so everything under control.


simp prepay japan4


My personal advice is to go directly to the shops, talk to the operators and explain your needs to them. For example, in Akihabara, Softmap shop has almost an entire plan for prepaid with desks where you will find 4 operators who can follow and advise you.

I know that those who have been in Japan, or those who have just arrived at the airport, have seen many of the automatic machines like the one you see above. This is fast and very useful, but they are if you already know what to take and how to move, it is always better to talk to someone. Being prepaid for tourists you will find staff who speak English and can advise you.

Look carefully at the sites of the various manufacturers, try to understand the limits and features, compare them with each other and based on what was said at the beginning (size, how long it takes, and the giga) you can choose without problems once you arrive .



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