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Train Molester, Chikan 痴 漢 Scrub of Japan

chikan perverts japanChikan 痴 漢 it is a black spot that does not spare even children. They are those molesters, in most cases that kind you found on train and subway, that you hear often in the news from Japan.
In the past few weeks in Japan a video has become viral in which 2 high school girls chasing a salaryman for the station platform shouting "nigeru na!"  (means don't run away) and chikan from one of the girls had been molested on the train by this man (the girl in the process of denouncing claims say he touched her breast) and, unfortunately, rarer than common, she found the courage to take it back and follow it.

This event had a strong response in Japan, with comments, speeches and discussions on social media, bringing to the light a phenomenon that unfortunately has too many dark sides. In this climate of discussion I was informed about this interesting Twitter post by the user and illustrator @ikng_0 here she reports the most common types of harassment suffered, reporting the stories of friends and acquaintances and what happened to her too.


chikan perverts japanese trains

Let's start with the first line of images:

1) Caress the hair;
2) Sit by your side despite the train is empty or there are other seats;
3) Press or rub against the other person;
4) Rest he chin on your shoulder;
5) Put the foot between yours . This often indicates that the abuser has a room in theshoe so can shoot under your skirt.

In the second line of the images we find:

6) Put on liquids or fluids (we understand what kind ...);
7) Put the hand on top of yours while you hold yourself;
8) Smell or lick your hair;
9) Classic exhibitionist.

Unfortunately these things, even if some seem really strange, happen and have happened. The worst is that among the victims of these perv there are also girls and boys child, that are going to school or home. Think of that trauma.

On the part of the railways company and the subway company the campaigns against this phenomenon have increased, those who have been in Japan have sure noticed the many cartels in this regard. Alongside the classic information signs (where they explain that it is a crime, which must be denounced, etc.) to those more impactful that they also use a type of communication that is dear and direct to the Japanese: manga-style graphics.

chikan perverts japanese trains 3


The phenomenon is complex and involves aspects of Japanese society that make some of the weak points of the Japan re-emerge. It shocked me to know that these episodes by perverts are more than one could imagine, and how the victims often don't report it, are not able or don't want to block this spiral.

From a sample of girls interviewed on the street, regarding the phenomenon, many confirmed that they had been victim, and to the question "have you reported the thing?" among the answers we find "I haven't had the strength", or even more serious "the papers for the denunciation and to start a legal action are too complicated and long", or "I don't want my friends or my family  to know ".The same sample chosen in street questions as asked "what percentage of blame would you give to the offender and to you". Incredibly, the answers don't blame all the blame on the offender, but there is a large number of interviewees who even manage to take 30% of the blame, as if they had behaved or dressed in such a way as to cause.

It is a matter of hearing these things from those who suffer, but let us remember that in Japan, the guilt, having done or made samething disgraceful in public is a shame, which unfortunately is still found in the fabric of Japanese society.

Returning to the girls who were pursuing the molester and  had him arrested, these are the news that we would like to hear. React, not let pass and even counterattack.

What do you think? 

Chikan, Mauro Piacentini

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