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Momoko Kuroda 黒田 杏子 : The haiku 俳句 in the present day

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Momoko Kuroda 1

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In this articleI would like to propose to you,with a short deepening on her works,  a japanese artistic-literary character in the japanese culure panorama. A creator is still alive but that unfortunately, except in the environment and haiku circles,  is little known and less talked about than she should: Momoko Kuroda 黒 田 杏子.

Yu Yamauchi 攝影作品 The Dawn Photographer

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Yu Yamauchi


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Yu Yamauchi 攝影 作品 is a self-taught Japanese artist who has made photography into an art and has created a somewhat particular project that has that hint of "life's enterprise". Who he is and above all let's discover his project together.

Invisible Machinery the Artistic Project of Toru Ukai 鵜養 透

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Invisible machinery 3

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Toru Ukai 鵜養 透 is a Japanese photographer, from Tokyo, active since 1985 and known in much of Europe (Poland, Belgium, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland) where he has exhibited in numerous photo exhibitions, festivals and magazines. He won an award in the seventh edition of "New Cosmos of Photography", and in an oltralpe magazine, a few years ago, he published a photo book of his artistic project: "Invisible machinery

kintsugi 金継ぎ The art of repairing with gold that transcends philosophy

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Fukai nihon kintsugi

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The kintsugi 金 継 ぎ, is an ancient technique used to repair ceramic objects using gold, silver, or lacquers with gold powders or other colors. We'll discover togther in detail how this deeply rooted art functions and how it transcends philosophy.

[Interview] Luca Moretti Founder and Representative of kyōgen 狂言 in Italy

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luca moretti articolo

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  First European and Italian to had a training by great masters of tradition, and having performed in Japanese theaters.
 Luca has become the exponent n Italy, and not limited to that, of kyōgen 狂言, a comic form of traditional Japanese theater. 

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