Yu Yamauchi 攝影作品 The Dawn Photographer

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Yu Yamauchi


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Yu Yamauchi 攝影 作品 is a self-taught Japanese artist who has made photography into an art and has created a somewhat particular project that has that hint of "life's enterprise". Who he is and above all let's discover his project together.

He is not a rookie, with his works he has already been noticed by critics and has also managed to win international awards and recognitions including New Cosmos of Photography (Japan 2008) and the International Photography Award in Fine Art (USA 2009 ).The project for which I want to talk about, dates back to between 2006 and 2009, for 600 days, more or less continuously, weather conditions permitting, he decided to move to a refuge, on Mount Fuji, and there, in the absolute silence that only nature can give, every morning at dawn he took pictures.

Why from up there?

To look for an emotion, an alternative point of view, something that the world had not yet been able to appreciate and admire.With these spectacular photos, another term cannot be used to describe them, he then created a book, "Dawn" (AKAAKA Art Publishing Inc-2012), which, unfortunately, apparently, has not arrived in Italy (only collectors, of he only speaks blogs - https://www.projectmanu.it/ and https://www.artapartofculture.net/), on the other hand he was presented in Paris at an event.


Yu Yamauchi


The fascinating aspect of these photos, still made on film, in the old way, is the perception of suspension in the void, vastness of the horizon and the beginning of a new day. Ordinary people, taken by the frenetic pace of life, do not stop never enough about the wonders that nature gives for free, only a few capture them and among them a photographer, in a bizarre and daring way, puts before us this show of shadows that move away, to leave the celestial stage in the sun, a "new protagonist "That advances.


Yu Yamauchi 2


They are photos, made randomly, but they are able to take our breath away, for their beauty. If you want to know more about the artist, visit his website where you can find his portfolio of his works: https://www.yuyamauchi.com/

                                                                                                                          Samantha Sisto

Photo credit: Yu Yamauchi & Manuela De Leonardis