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[Interview] The First Italian and European with the title of Natori 名 取 Paolo Cotrone

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Paolo Cotrone intervista

articolo in inglese



Let’s deepen our knowledge of Paolo Cotrone the first Italian and European to have obtained the title of Natori 名 取 in the use of the Shamisen 三味線 , typical Japanese 3 stringed instrument. 

人間国宝 Ningen Kokuhō or the Living National Treasures

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In Japan, the living national treasures are a kind of title granted to some masters both for the manual arts (eg: ukiyo-e, art on paper, manufacture of swords and ceramics), and for those of acting traditions (ex: bunraku, kabuki and various traditional matsuri festivals). 

Tradition and Passion still live in the Kodama Shop

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Kodama kimono miyazakiarticolo in inglese articolo in giapponese


In the south of Kyūshū, in the beautiful city of Miyazaki, there is a small family-run shop, which has been carrying out tradition and passion for
the Kimono for more of 40 years. I bring you to know the Kodama Family and their professionalism in creating these incredible garments, an artisan work that keeps the tradition alive. 

From an "Error" came a new Philosophy SAORI

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saori no mori

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Misao Jo in the '60s, in the row his Obi,  she realized that made a mistake, she lacked some threads of the warp. But checking the final result, she realized that the fruit of that mistake had created something beautiful. Thus a new way of spinning and its philosophy was born

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