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The Japanese Imperial Guard 皇宮警察本部 Kōgū-Keisatsu Honbu and 近衛師団 Konoe Shidan

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guardia imperiale giapponese

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A few years ago I saw a particular documentary on television, there were banners, honor pickets, bands etc. I asked my Japanese friend what it was and he explained that they were part of the Imperial Guard.

Kusunoki Masashige 楠木 正成 One of the greatest Japanese strategists

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Kus2unoki Masashige

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Remembered as one of the most important military strategists in the Japanese history, he is also remembered for his enormous courage and full dedication to his emperor for which he risked his life even if he didn't always agree with the orders received.

Ishikawa Goemon 石川 五右衛門 He Stole from the Rich to give to the Poor

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Ishikawa Goemon 2

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One of the most enigmatic and interesting characters in Japanese history. His deeds are mixed between documented real facts and legends that transformed Ishikawa Goemon into the Japanese Robin Hood, the one who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

西南戦争 Rebelion of Satsuma First Part

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La ribellione di Satsuma

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  One of the most important chapters in the
  history of Japan. A key moment in the Meiji period and the Boshin War. A growing dissatisfaction with the direction the country was taking led to revolt. 

Overview on the Origins of Japanese

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 hand writing of ancient japanese

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Before going into the historical path of Japanese,  we will illustrate its most important phases, it is useful to take a look at the periods that characterized its birth, development and its affirmation in a country that initially had a spoken language but lack of the written part.

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