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The Mystery of Tonkararin's Tunnels ト ン カ ラ リ ン

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Tunnel di Tonkararin 2

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Japan is a fascinating country, scattered with places that say ancient stories tinged with mystery, among these we find an enigmatic and fascinating site in northern Kyushu, located near Nagomi (和 水 町, Nagomi-machi), a city in the prefecture of Kumamoto ( 熊 本 県, Kumamoto-ken).

The kamidana 神棚 is the small shrine in the house of the Japanese.

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Kamidama Shrine

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In all Japanese houses (but not only), or rather in those that follow Shintoism, there are small shrine that reproduce the Shinto shrines and inside there is the Kami (the divinity).

Kindai Shakaku Seido 近代社格制度 The modern system for the classification of Shinto shrines

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Santuari Giapponesi

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Known simply as shakaku 社 格 it's a state system that divides and classifies Shinto shrines ( Shinto is the state religion) as national and other and based on this classification they are treated differently.

kanji of the year 今年の漢字 Kotoshi no kanji A New Tradition that Fascinates

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shodo kanji new year

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Japan has many traditions, some of which are recent, such as this one introduced for the first time in 1995, really only a few years ago, but which already have a very important following.

Otoshidama お年玉 the Gift that Children and Adults are Waiting for

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Otoshidama 3


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Otoshidama お 年 玉 is an gift, we can said is one of the Japanese traditions, where relatives, parents or close friends give money to children (but also to adults) with the first days of the year.

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