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Armor Yoroi 大鎧 and A Samurai Dress

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The World of the Samurai has always had a particular charm for both the Japanese and the Western, arms, battles, but above all armor and clothing are the center of this charm. 

Although divided by tens of thousands of kilometers, as in the Middle Ages, Japan's subdivision into small and medium-sized states has led to violent conflicts and long-running wars for territorial control, conquest and expansion by
feudal lords of the time.

Even for the battles, in the way we European did, the soldiers were equipped with protective armor that would allow them to fight and receive as little damage as possible.

The Japanese armorings called Yoroi 大 鎧 made their appearance as we imagine in the 12th century AD, but we can see a beginning of the use of guards in the war that went back to the IV century AD. These differed from the European ones are the materials used but not make yourself mislead, because even if they were not of metal, they did their job extravagantly.

The Yoroi consisted of so many parts of more than 40 pieces, you have understood well, a large number of parts starting with the thongs and garments from which the vestment began. Incredible indeed, you can imagine how complicated the dressing of these armor was, in fact the soldiers, but above all the generals were helped in this procedure because some parts were impossible to put on their own.


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The dressing took a long time as we have seen, and was "experienced" as a psychological preparation of the warrior, in where enter a pre-battle mental state.


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Our samurai is ready for battle, ready in dress, but especially in the spirit that will guide him in the clashes.
For some samurai of wealthy or important families, preparation for war didn't done here because there was also the preparation for the horse to ride. This type of armor, called Uma Yoroi 馬 大 鎧, is also very complicated and formed by so many parts:

 yoroi jp 4

so many small and large parts that are assembled on the horse make the procedure long and accurate no less than the dressing of the samurai.

yoroi jp 5

Bringing the end of the complete bardatura of the horse, which we do not even imagine.


yoroi jp 3
After this little peek in the world of samurai I'm sure the charm and curiosity is increased, and the desire to learn more about this incredible world, with so many facets not just about armor, wars and strategies but above all a vision philosophical and religious religion and the role of samurai in Japanese society. Aspects we will certainly return to.

Image Source Kacchu bagu kobo abe



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