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Teru Teru Bōzu てるてる坊主

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 teru teru bozu

The only, inimitable and well-known Teru Teru Bozo て る て る 坊 主, tradition, legend, we find it in all movies, anime series, manga, is everywhere in Japanese tradition; the only rainfall we all know and love.

It's hard don't know the "little rain doll" this little talisman that everyone knows, from the kids to the adults and the elderly. A notoriety that goes beyond Japan, finding it as a habit in other countries of the world.

Its creation is really simple, so simple that even children build them, nothing more than a few objects like a little paper, fabric a thread and a pencil. Over time, various derivations were created with very different materials and new, spectacular and imaginative versions, but the basic form remains.


teru teru bozu2


Once created just hang them to the balcony of houses, or inside by the window and "pray" because it does not rain. There is a rhyme linked to the Teru Bozu often reciting the children, we give it the original version: 




それでも曇って泣いたなら そなたの首をチョンと切るぞ

and here the translation of the text:

Teru Teru Bozu, Teru Bozu,

bring the sun tomorrow
  If the sky is as serene as the dream
  I'll give you a golden bell.

Teru Teru Bozu, Teru Bozu,
  bring the sun tomorrow
  If you listen to my prayers
  I'll give you sweet sake

Teru Teru Bozu, Teru Bozu,
  bring the sun tomorrow
  If it's cloudy I'll get you a head


We find our Teru Bozu also in the beloved anime, in any series, when it happens that there are rains coming and the protagonists want the following day to be beautiful and special, build and "pray" the doll that draws the sun and pours rain all the costs, like our Creamy below:

teru teru bozu3


Personally I never built one, but I saw Japanese friends and their children doing one. It is among those traditions of the Sol Levante that I like and cheer me up.



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