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Yotsuya Kaidan 四谷怪談 The work that inspired the Japanese horror series

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Hate, resentment, revenge are the basic elements of the classic japanese horror films had great success in Japan in this last years, and not only in japan. But where does the inspiration come from, the thread that unites them? let's see how an important work of the past has influenced so much the films that many of us love.

The Magatama 勾玉 Ancient Jewels from the Past

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 Ancient "jewels" already in use in Japan since 1000 BC At first used only as ornaments for their beauty, then became elements related to spirituality and religious rites since ancient times until today and used in everyday life.

Jorōgumo 絡新婦 Spider Woman Yokai

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Jorōgumo 絡新婦 The Spider Woman, one of the best known yokai in Japanese folklore, appears in the tales and chronicles of Japan from the Edo period. A creature that has always had a particular charm because of its stories.

L'omikuji 御御籤 and the prediction of Fortune

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In ultra-modern Japan, where everyone runs and lives a busy life, the Japanese still stop in the temples to pray and find out what the future holds for them thanks to the omikuji, the sheets that predict luck.

Naginatajutsu 長刀 術 Martial Art with the Japanese Spear

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A martial art a little different from the classic ones but with great charm and following. An ancient Japanese discipline used in war since 712 AD that came to the present day turned into an important sport.

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