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Armor Yoroi 大鎧 and A Samurai Dress

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The World of the Samurai has always had a particular charm for both the Japanese and the Western, arms, battles, but above all armor and clothing are the center of this charm. 

Kappa 河童 The Most Familiar Aquatic Yukai

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The Kappa 河童  is one of the most popular yokai in Japan and beyond. In the popular legends,  you can finds it with different names, such as kawatarō or kawako, but all agree that it's an aquatic creature, supernatural, part of ancient legends.

Yokai 妖怪 Japanese Legends and Folklore

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Japan is embedded in legends and folklore, characters and particular creatures such the yōkai (妖怪), a word composed of 2 kanji 妖 (yō) which means attractive, fascinating, calamity and 怪 (kai) which means mystery, wonder and is used to indicate supernatural creatures of Japanese tradition.

Miko 巫女 A Look at the Priestesses of the Temples

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Within the shinto sanctuaries, in the area not accessible to the public, there is a perimeter, called sacred perimeter, and within it we find a young woman intent on a dance, called Kagura 神 楽. The young woman in question is the MIKO 巫女 who is also identified with the term "Virgin of the Temple".

Teru Teru Bōzu てるてる坊主

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 teru teru bozu

The only, inimitable and well-known Teru Teru Bozo て る て る 坊 主, tradition, legend, we find it in all movies, anime series, manga, is everywhere in Japanese tradition; the only rainfall we all know and love.
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