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Yokai 妖怪 Japanese Legends and Folklore

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Japan is embedded in legends and folklore, characters and particular creatures such the yōkai (妖怪), a word composed of 2 kanji 妖 (yō) which means attractive, fascinating, calamity and 怪 (kai) which means mystery, wonder and is used to indicate supernatural creatures of Japanese tradition.

Miko 巫女 A Look at the Priestesses of the Temples

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Within the shinto sanctuaries, in the area not accessible to the public, there is a perimeter, called sacred perimeter, and within it we find a young woman intent on a dance, called Kagura 神 楽. The young woman in question is the MIKO 巫女 who is also identified with the term "Virgin of the Temple".

Teru Teru Bōzu てるてる坊主

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The only, inimitable and well-known Teru Teru Bozo て る て る 坊 主, tradition, legend, we find it in all movies, anime series, manga, is everywhere in Japanese tradition; the only rainfall we all know and love.

Yuinou no gi 結納の儀 The Pre-Wedding Gift Exchange

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yuinou no gi


An ancient tradition that has survived till today, formal, generous, with the purpose of bringing together and formalizing relationships between spouses' families before marriage
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