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[Review] 12 Suicidal Teens 十二人の死にたい子どもたち

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suicidal teen

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There are films that are enjoyed with pleasure and each time they remind you  deep emotions and thoughts, this is one of them. A movie that starts from great despair and ending with hope and awareness that there can be more. Enjoy the Trailer at the end of the article.

The film is not one of those who shout at the masterpiece, of course there is better (and even worse) but it is a film that does what a genre should do, to make people think, empathize and follow events to the end. 

Released in 2019 by director Shigetomo Madarame, is the story of 12 people (boys and girls) who are gather in a hospital (I will not explicitly tell you why, even if unfortunately this is one of those films that already has a spoiler in the title) where they find the body of a dead boy and the protagonists try to find the person who killed the boy. During their search, the reasons they are in that old hospital are revealed which will unexpectedly lead them to make the opposite choice they came for.

The cast is interesting, the characters are varied and are part of the common Japanese society, there is the great Kanna Hashimoto, one of my favorite actresses, who plays almost herself let's say.


suicidal teen 3


The issue posed is one of the important problems in Japanese society, especially the modern one which sees an increasing in suicides (in the end it is a half spoiler I know, but on the other hand it is already in the title unfortunately) among people. There is no distinction between regions, age or social status, it is a "plague" that affects the entire population and these groups are well represented in the film. Of course we find people with "serious" motivations and others who genuinely don't make sense, that I understand very little personally. What I like about the film is its approach to the problem.

The fact that everyone is there for the same reason, without seeing in themselves other reasons or ways of escape from their problems, meeting and unexpectedly finding themselves facing a situation that shakes them (the boy found dead), brings the 12 protagonists to ask questions, to ask what happened, but above all to relate to others, to know their reasons, the reasons that would push them to that definitive gesture.


suicidal teen 2


It is amazing how from the initial desperation with the preparation for death, they understand that it is not the only way, that there is more, that they can face things in a different way.

It is a film that I have seen several times but it is one of my favorites, I repeat not for the mastery of the film, but for the way the problem is treated. Have you ever seen it? If not I hope you will be able to recover it. In the meantime, I leave you the trailer below so you can get an idea.

 SOURCE IMAGE CAST: https://asianwiki.com/



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