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[Reviw and Trailer] Terra Formars Live Action Movie 2016

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 terra formars 5


Movie transposition of the famous anime and manga series, the live action that all fans were waiting for. Many interesting things, but also a lot of disappointments, lots of action and computer graphics.

Released in Japanese movie theaters in the April 2016, the film was shot by Takashi Mike on a script by Kazuki Nakashima, referring to the famous anime and manga series that in recent years has attracted a lot of interest in its particular plot. The action of the series and settings.

A group of men and women, chosen among the "scraps" of society, headed for Mars to free the planet from cockroaches. I know it
sounds so strange . But it is not. Mars has been the subject of Terraforming (a procedure that recreates the same earthly conditions on a planet), but this procedure, along with a messy experiment, gave birth to an evolved species of humanoid cockroaches that prevent living on the red planet . But things are not as they seem ..........

What is right now is the group formed by very famous actors and actresses, who are sure that all drama enthusiasts will recognize and enjoy it.


terra formars people

Let's go to impressions. Here we distinguish between those who know the anime and manga series and among those who have never seen or read them will approach the movie as a science fiction film to themselves.

For those familiar with the series, it's easier to follow the film's performance, because there are no clear references that only those who know the story can connect. But at the same time narrative jumps, adaptation due to a film of 108 minutes, leaves many gaps but is still nice to follow.
Given the plot and the transformation of travelers it could not be missing the computer graphics, according to some even too present, but in my opinion not too invasive, and certainly necessary view the plot and the running of the story.


terra formars 6


For those who have never seen the soul, or read the story, it can be a simple movie to spend the evening. Action, original story and other aspects (such as actors and actresses) will enliven the vision, so for the classic film, neither too pretentious nor too pensier here.



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