[Review] Zenigata Keibu 銭形警部 Drama Tv

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 Zenigata keibu drama

The legendary Inspector Zenigata, the tireless pursuer of Lupin III, came to life thanks to this Drama TV series broadcast by WOWOW and Hulu that pays a tribute to this incredible character of the anime and manga. Follow the review, and be intrigued by the trailer.
There is really still sameone that kdon't knows the inspector Zenigata? for that few still don't know who he is, Koichi Zenigata is one of the main characters from the manga series "Lupin Sansei" ( "Lupin III") by Monkey Punch (published August 10, 1967 to May 22, 1969 by the seinen manga magazine Weekly Manga Action) the Interpol inspector who pursues for all his life the famous international criminal, never take it :D

This television transposition is divided into three parts, first aired in February of 2017 the Special, was the first episode that kicked off the series.

A single long episode where an important painting was stolen from a museum in Tokyo, and a security guard is killed. A note left at the scene indicate that was the theft of the master thieves Lupin the 3rd, and the MPD (Metropolitan Police Japanese) will have to investigate.
The inspector Zenigata, who dedicated his life to Lupin's capture, believes that the culprit is someone else. To get him out of the way, the leaders of the First Division alongside Sakuraba Natsuki (Maeda Atsuko) and Kunikida Shintaro (Miura Takahiro) as subordinate to a parallel investigation.


Zenigata keibu main


After transmission this special, which has met with great interest and critical acclaim, followed other series of episodes divided into 2 with 4 episodes each one: Zenigata Keibu Shikkoku no Hanzai Fairu and Zenigata Keibu Shinku no Sosa File.

Is rare that the characters chosen for TV adaptations of famous anime or manga are close to the original character, but in this case Ryohei Suzuki, who plays our inspector, is the perfect choice. Its physical structure, Like the height, and the long face make it a Zenigata noteworthy. To see him later in the scenes, how it moves and runs certainly will call you to aquello mindful that you have seen in anime or read the manga.

The episodes have known other interpreters who have years and drama behind it, many of you who follow the Japanese TV series certainly know them very well. But among them there is also a famous "Ex" :D, namely former AKB48 Atsuko Maeda

Inspector Zenigata-NTV-Ryohei Suzuki.jpg Inspector Zenigata-NTV-Atsuko Maeda.jpg Inspector Zenigata-NTV-Takahiro Miura.jpg Inspector Zenigata-NTV-Ikkei Watanabe.jpg
Ryohei Suzuki Atsuko Maeda Takahiro Miura Ikkei Watanabe
Koichi Zenigata Natsuki Sakuraba Shintaro Kunikida To Jogasaki
Inspector Zenigata-NTV-Yoshihiko Hakamada.jpg Inspector Zenigata-NTV-Atsuro Watabe.jpg Inspector Zenigata-NTV-Koichi Yamadera.jpg Inspector Zenigata-NTV-Takaya Kamikawa.jpg
Yoshihiko Hakamada Atsuro Watabe Koichi Yamadera Takaya Kamikawa
Hiroshi Shibara Takahiro Abe Jozaburo Fuchigami Yuichi Ozu


Zenigata is among the characters of Lupin that I like, it's fun, always unfortunate and anything goes. These TV series are based on original stories, showing what does the Inspector of Interpol when not chasing the famous thief, which surveys show a zenigata that don't always know, his interaction with the police, but above all his sense of strong and extreme justice.

The actor chosen to play Zenigata I think is perfect, certainly one that comes closest to the original character created by Monkey Punch teacher. The episodes are interesting, the stories are not trivial and saw the character also fun.

I recommend you see it and then let me know your impressions :), I'm sure you will not be deluse. Of course, even for those who don't know the famous detective, you can relax and enjoy interesting stories in these episodes.

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