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[Review] Koe No Katachi 聲の形

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 koe no katachi


Koe No Katachi 聲 の 形, a Silent Voice, is an adolescent break that explores the psychological relationships of a couple of boys and girls within society and school. Love, inequalities due to the main character's lead, jealousies, misunderstandings, and innate "malice" of children that will have dramatic points.

The film, released in Japanese halls in September 2016, directed by director Naoko Yamada, faces typical teenage problems with situations complicated with the presence of one of the main characters that suffering from Deafness.

Shouya Ishida, a very lively elementary kid, enjoys his youth with his friends and companions, nothing seems to disturb that balance, until Shouko Nishimiya, a deaf child, moves to school.
Shouya enjoys taking Shouko that become victim of bullying because of his handicap. The boy will find at end himself labeled as bully and will live the rest of school life in isolation. Over the years nothing seems to change for the protagonist, but destiny decides to make him meet again Shouko, everything will changes becomes complicated and settles.

Diversity in Japanese society is always seen in a detached, almost excluded, though support for handicap people are one of the best in the world.
The professor does not even know how he should interact with the girl and leave her "prey" to the class. Children that don't know the problem of deafness, failing to interact with her respond instinctively, isolating her, bullying her, and wounding her (even physically).


koe no katachi 2


The feelings that this anime stand out are so many, they mingle, clash up to wound up, isolate themselves, leading the protagonists even to self-destructive choices.
Characters are psychologically immature and fragile complexes, however they try seek to understand, seek self-assimilation and seek redemption for the past (like Shouya) but the road is difficult, painful, and at times brings them back to the starting point.

I was impressed by this movie, very interesting for the plot and how it is played throughout the movie. The psychological path of the two protagonists, especially when they encounter, the pains that they have to face, both the girl victim of bullying and the bully that in turn lives on her own skin, which means being excluded, targeted, isolated.

The graphics are very nice, I like the traits of the drawings, and photography, the environments are very well cared for. What to say, a film that reflects, that from a small splash of what happens to the kids when they are not fit to understand and to confront those who are different from them.


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