Phantasmagoria ファンタスマゴリア the OAV anime directed by Shigeru Tamura

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a piece of phantasmagoria2

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A piece of Phantasmagoria is an animated series, collected in a film, directed by Shigeru Tamura for Bandai Visual. A visionary OAV, very particular as well as its animations, a dreamlike experience.

The film, dated 1995, is inspired by a book of illustrations, dating back to 1989, consists of 15 episodes, characterized by a very simplistic and childlike graphics, but at the same time capable of upsetting what we consider ordinary and common, transforming it into a dream .


Giapponese 「Kanji」 - Rōmaji
1 「オーロラショウ」 - Ōrorashō
2 「虹の谷絵の具工場」 - Niji no tani enogu kōjō
3 「ガラスの海」 - Garasu no umi
4 「南の大陸」 - Minami no tairiku
5 「電球発光の日」 - Denkyū hakkō no hi
6 「ゴーストタウン」 - Gōsutotaun
7 「キノコ村」 - Kinoko-mura
8 「密造酒」 - Mitsuzō sake
9 「サボテンの街」 - Saboten no machi
10 「ほんやらベーカリー」 - Hon yara bēkarī
11 「アルタイルの酒場」 - Arutairu no sakaba
12 「人工の月」 - Jinkō no tsuki
13 「デジタルゾーン」 - Dejitaruzōn
14 「流れ星の夜」 - Nagareboshi no yoru
15 「旅の終わり」 - Tabi no owari


The single episodes, apparently unrelated to each other, tell the life or adventure of an inhabitant of the fantastic planet "Phantasmagoria", it is only encountered by crossing the "Kingdom of dreams".

Each inhabitant has a function, a "job", described by the narrators Morio Agata and Kaori Kano, accompanied by the music of Utollo Teshikai, in a simple, banal, common, but in reality extraordinary way, as if to evoke a fairy tale.


a piece of phantasmagoria


The film has no plot, is intentionally meaningless, its purpose is to illustrate every single region of the planet, in a clear way, how it is presented to a child.

Film that I recommend if you want to return to dream, to find your own little planet, named "Phantasmagoria".