BugLug the Japanese Visual-kei band with Controversial Liric

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BugLug japan band


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BugLug are not a "classic" and "traditional" Japanese visual-kei band, they were born in the visual-kei environment, back in 2009, but they play another genre, an evolution: oshare-kei.

Oshare-Kei (お し ゃ れ 系) is a kind of sub-genre of Visual-Kei that appeared in Japan around 2001, literally the word Oshare means "elegant" or "trendy". Oshare bands have a modern Pop / Punk influenced sound while retaining the typical visual sounds such as rhythmic screams, guitar solos and songs that last around 5 minutes. The clothing style is flashy, bright and colorful and has strong references to Japanese street art.

Wikipedia defines this band as "the freshest and most joyful version of visual-kei", taking it literally, certainly "fresh" it is, but "joyful", not on certain issues. The band's vocalist, Issei, author of the lyrics, he has shown several times, even recently, that he has absolutely no problems, despite the "thorny" argument arousing pain, to create a song, "Ningen e to kaeritai" (人間 へ と 帰 り た い), which describes the situation of complete bewilderment that humanity has faced with the Covid-19 emergency.

It is probable that in his intentions he wanted, with a passage with a "strong" text, to draw attention to the reality we have lived, exorcising fear; the message could be this: if we have managed to deal with this "forced isolation", then we can move on.


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                                                             Da sinistra a destra: Gt. Yuu, Ba. Tsubame, Vo.Issei, Gt. Kazuki


This song was released accompanied by another, "Ban-Sou-Ko" (絆 ・ 創 ・ 幸), which, of different tone, is part of a project, in which they also involved their fans, made during the lockdown.

And now, after their historic drummer left them to pursue a career as an entrepreneur, they are back: they officially presented the new line-up with a live, and I'm sure they will have new surprises in store for us in the future.

As a reference I leave you some links so you can get an idea of the band and their works:


Link video:

Link songs: https://asovivabuglug.blogspot.com/2020/07/buglug-2-new-songs-ban-sou-kou-ningen-e.html?m=1

Link video live:



  -Samantha Sisto-