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Gōkon 合コン Love Meeting in Japan

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gokon japan meeting


Who have seen an anime, a drama or know a bit about Japanese folk culture have heard about gōkon 合 コ ン, the famous group events organized by both girls and boys.

Usually a man or a woman organize it, but it's up to the man to find the place for meetings, reservations and the rest. Once decided they will bring with them a number of boys and/or girls (a small number not too large) to create this group. Usually there are places to choose from as restaurants, izakaya however places where you can eat and drink at will and especially where you can make casino without any problems.

The principle is that be in many you can feel less embarrassed and the evening can be more sociable and revitalized. People in the meeting begin to talk, to know themselves, the evening goes on and they begin to form pseudo pairs created based on the interest a person has or just about its appearance or social status.

By itself it is a very simple activity, there are not many formalities, few rules to follow (except those of common sense and education) and let yourself go and be open minded. Everything beautiful, all fun and perfect? Not exactly. Unfortunately (as in everything) there is a house where the gōkon does not stand quite smooth. The fact that spirits flow to the river warms too much spirits, and above all men are overly inclined.

Some people interviewed about this practice tell of "pressures" to drink more and drunk the girl, then they are followed by attitudes and advances of the sex type or, in any case, little appreciated and certainly not desired.
As you would say, there is always a small dark side in everything, but this does not have to lose these particular types of encounter their sense of joviality and fun. They are so much part of the Japanese pop culture that lately have been born other types of encounters, themed themes, outdoor ones (outside camps or places for barbeque).

The goal is always to find a person with whom to share the days, a partner that can become something more in time, a possible love.



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