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Purikura プリクラ Photos of Fashion and Fun

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purikura jp 1

Purikura プリクラ is now a must among Japanese girls. You find them all over Japan, these small photo frames that make fun changes are now one of the symbols among young people in Japan.

Those who have been in a classic Japanese game place (and who would not do it), have noticed full plans where there are strange colorful crayfish, surrounded by girls of all ages who laugh and have fun.

At first time I didn't understand what they was, and above all I could not understand what kind of video game could be so popular for girls to create aso real lines. Then my Japanese friend explained why this fashion among Japanese guys (or rather, mostly Japanese girls).

The purikura made their appearance in the Japanese gaming halls in 1995 and were viewed with great curiosity but few would have thought that those small gadgets would become a Must, a kind of status among young people, who in Japan never did? even for tourists is an experience to try.

Their success is certainly determined by the fact that they are not simple photos, but colorful and fun memories, because photos before they can be printed can be changed as you like (making them even more beautiful than true).
is the beautiful of purikura, have the photo modified as you like, with the ability to add lyrics, drawings and many fun elements. Just select the type of photo you want, enter the box, you can also choose the background (a roller rolls behind you with the selected background) and then wait for the flash.

Once finished, you can go out and wait for the monitor, show them your photos (you can make it more than one) ready to be modified in the way you like it, having fun and indulging you with fantasy.


purikura jp 2


Nowadays theyare  a fashion and as such have expanded to a great extent throughout Japan, we find many types, each with its own features, with various photo editing options, and recently even with cosplay. It's because you can hire a costume and then take a picture and get a very special picture.

There are whole plans devoted to the purikura, many even reserved only to the girl, for example those where you can rent a costume for photos.
I had a great time to try and keep the photos with great affection because they are a good memory of those days spent in Japan. The photos may have different sizes, but they are never too big; they are sticky and can be attacked everywhere, in fact you will be able to see them in notebooks, diaries, or even cell phones.

When you go to Japan I recommend you try the experience, but be careful, because in some there may be limitations, and unfortunately are limitations for us males. And yes, it is possible for a girl to go and take the picture alone, it is possible for more girls and couples, but not for the kids alone :(, so check well before entering the box ;)



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