Shiritori しりとり Japanese game great for studying

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Shiritori し り と り is an ancient Japanese game that can be played between two or more people. The aim is to form a word with the last syllables of the word previously said. It is also an excellent exercise for those who study the Japanese language, because it helps remember words.

You may have seen in some movies or some anime, two people play each other with words. This game is called shiritori. Very simple, with rules that are declared at the beginning of the game which. It also has an important function for all those who are studying the Japanese language.

The basis of the game is to find a name with the last syllable (in this case Kana) of the word previously said by the other player. A basic rule is not repeat the same word used previously. Before starting, you can establish basic rules on which to move during the game, such as restricting the words to be chosen to a certain category (plants, animals, jobs, etc.), or accept some of them over others.


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Normally only names are accepted, verbs or adverbs are not allowed, in addition to some exceptions, such as the use of words formed by kanji (being a phonetic game does not change the substance) and of the syllables that make up the "impure" sounds as for example PU, BO, ect.

It is a very versatile game, used by children, but it must not be considered foolish for this. Moreover, as we mentioned at the beginning, it is a useful tool for learning the Japanese language.

Think to a name that starts with the same syllables previously spoken helps the memory of vocabulary and their quick association. Even online you'll find many exercises that follow the structure of the shiritori, because it allows a more fun and original learning of the language.


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Small note of color. According to some urban legends, and folkloric tales, it would seem that the shiritori can drive away evil spirits. It is believed that the game, with the exchange between 2 or more people of words that bind them together, creates a sort of "barrier" that protects them.