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konkatsu 婚 活 The Battle for the Marriage of the Japanese

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Never underestimate the Japanese when they are desperately trying to achieve something, including social and economic stability that allows them to be part of society. For example? Through marriage.

Birth of manga ....... Japan or China

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For a large part of Manga and Anime fans it is indisputable and well known that they are of Japanese origin, however it is difficult to say when they were born exactly and they are really not the usual Chinese invention transposed to Japan,
as the "non-connoisseurs" claim? To answer these questions, I did a short research which I expose in this article.

Yami Kawaii: the Controversial Side of Harajuku

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Few, very few, are the people in this world who, in front of a sparkling, dazzling, inviting reality, stop and look at it carefully; very few people wonder what it hides behind it, the dark side. In Harajuku, the fashionable and colorful district of Tokyo, the darkness of existence is called "Yami Kawaii" and it is a purely fashionable subculture, which combines pastel-colored dresses with psyche disorders, or rather a visual representation of them.

BugLug the Japanese Visual-kei band with Controversial Liric

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BugLug are not a "classic" and "traditional" Japanese visual-kei band, they were born in the visual-kei environment, back in 2009, but they play another genre, an evolution: oshare-kei.

Alice Nine The Last Album Nightless City Eden 不夜城エデン

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Alice Nine ア リ ス 九號, a Japanese visual-kei band, is synonymous with a style, a type of music, mainly rock, which defined itself as "Japanese and Western eclecticism", a slogan, adopted since the beginning in 2004.

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