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Manga "Gate: jieitai kano chi nite, kaku tatakaeri" ゲート 自衛隊 彼の地にて、斯く戦えり

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Gate: jieitai kano chi nite, kaku tatakaeri ゲ ー ト 自衛隊 彼 の 地 に て, 斯 く 戦 え り (translateable in Gate: in that land, self-defense forces fought so) saw its transposition in manga format starting from Takumi light novel Yanai is still underway, with Daisuke Izuka's illustrations, making her appearance since 2011 on AlphaPolis's website with the adaptation carried out by Satoru Sao.

The first volume of Tankōbon (単 行 本), has seen light in July 2011, coming to the current publication and sale of 9 volumes and is still going out in japan.

For those who have seen the anime, the manga publication resembles the events shown, or it would be better to say that the TV series resembles what the manga shows, given the date of airing it :D, with the addition of many more details that make the reading very interesting.

The designs are pleasing, there is less censorship than the animated series that was broadcast on television and there is a lot more introspection of the characters, giving us the chance to know them better.


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I found the manga series interesting and nice, pleasing in reading and sliding. I was delighted to find details that I did not see in the animated series (also this much followed and loved). Even here, perhaps more than in the anime, it moves towards a kind of "self-celebration" of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, but it's no surprise, given the controversial feelings that the Japanese themselves have towards this military body, but it can not be (because of the "imposed" imposed by the Americans after the war).

For those who have not seen the soul and would like to have an idea read our review Gate: jieitai kano chi nite, kaku tatakaeri will help you better understand television transposition.



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