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Internet Cafe and Manga Cafe Between Social Phenomenon and Japanese Specialty

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In Japan they are an institution, for us tourists they are a double godsend because they allow you to use internet and at the same time relax and read (or watch for those unfamiliar with Japanese) interesting manga without having to buy them. In Japan the terms are interchangeable but let's see in more detail one of the favorite places of the Japanese and beyond.

The New Series Pocketbook Dictionaries of Evangelion

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Evangelion dictionary gakken

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The Gakken, a company known for its books in the linguistic field, like the dictionaries and its pocket versions (Kotoba Erabi Jiten こ と ば 選 び 辞典) has collaborated with the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion to publish a limited edition set of five books. 

[Interview] Mandarake the "Paradise" of All Collectors

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  Mandarake is one of the symbols of Akiba, one
 chain with many stores scattered around Japan
 and known by all game lovers, figures, souls and
 much more not only among the Japanese. Let's find out more with the interview with Yamamoto Shinya from the PR department in Mandarake.

Fishing in Tokyo A Reality Thanks to the Ichigaya fish center

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 In Tokyo, there is a place that no one would expect, a place to relieve stress by having fun. A true center where you can relax by fishing and following your passion at the Ichigaya fish center.


Chuunibyou 中二病 “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome”

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chuunibyou 8grade syndrome


Chuunibyou, better known as Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome, is a psychological state that takes some guys by keeping them anchored in fantasies derived from manga, novel, or anime. In practice they believe that they have special powers, become part of combat guilds, be part of a great magical design or events that recall fantasy or dark fantasy elements.
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