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In Tokyo permanent Harry Potter Museum and two styled train stations

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A new permanent museum on Harry Potter will be open in Tokyo and at the same time the train station of the closest stop to the new entertainment center is planned to be renovated, which I am sure will become a reference point for the Japanese capital.

The museum will be built in the Nerima area 練 馬 区 with the expectation of opening it in the summer of 2023. For those unfamiliar with the area it is on the "outskirts" of Tokyo, even if it is always difficult to speak of suburbs when referring to a large agglomeration such as the capital.
The closest station to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo Making of Harry Potter (as the museum is officially called) is Toshimaen 豊 島 園 駅, operated by Seibu Railway 西武 鉄 道 株式会社, which will take its cue from Hogsmeade station as far as the style of the structure.


museo di harry potter 2


The area is interesting, it's a beautiful place that already sees the presence of a multiplex cinema just outside the train station, the United Cinemas Toshimaen ユ ナ イ テ ッ ド ・ シ ネ マ と し ま え ん, and the arrival of the museum will revive it further. Although Toshimaen Station is a bit outside the city center, it is connected by the Seibu Toshima Line to Ikebukuro Station, one of Tokyo's largest and most important traffic junctions.
To follow the theme also the Ikebukuro station, or rather that part that belongs to the platforms where the Seibu line starts, will see a renewal with the tracks 1 and 2 modernized to resemble the King's Cross railway station in London, thus creating a start travel as if we were going to Hogwarts, arriving at Toshimaen station and finding the Museum ready to wait for us.


museo di harry potter 3


Following the opening times of the museum also for the two train stations, the completion of the work and renovation is expected by the summer of 2023 so as to make a single grand inauguration for this new magical place that awaits the Japanese, and I hope soon, we tourists too.

Thanks to my friend Saori from Japan who reported the news to me. 

Source: Seibu Line, asia.nikke
Images: © 2022 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Wizarding World Publishing Rights © JKR



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