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Kyōiku mama 教育ママ When maternal love leads to Obsession

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Kyōiku mama 1

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Kyōiku mama 教育ママ a phenomenon that in Japan has increasingly taken on the appearance of a plague. Imbued with pride, expectation, inconvenience (which often lead to self-harm or suicide) and even worse envy.

Kokology Discover Personality Through a Game

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"Kokologia", a term that I came across by pure chance, and having studied psychology, aroused my interest, so much so that it pushed me to deepen. Let's find out what it is and why it is interesting from many points of view.

ITALY FOR JAPAN: NIPPON GANBATTE Encouragement Video message

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italy for japan

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Our Japanese friends have been close to us in times of need, showing us their affection, and as true friends do, now it's up to us to stay close to him NIPPON GANBATTE. Watch the video all the way to support everyone who participated in the video. Go to our channel by clicking https://youtu.be/KSHkfyn2fCQ and enjoy this beautiful video for our Japanese friends



Japan Railway Start App Testing against Train Harassers

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Jr east app chikan3

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JR East has announced the start of testing of a smartphone app that, in the creators' expectations, will help the victims of harassment to prevent the molester from running away thanks to the crowd that is usually on the trains.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all メリークリスマス

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Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all those who have followed us so far, and to those who will follow us, best wishes to your families and friends.




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