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Kokology Discover Personality Through a Game

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"Kokologia", a term that I came across by pure chance, and having studied psychology, aroused my interest, so much so that it pushed me to deepen. Let's find out what it is and why it is interesting from many points of view.

The word, in itself, is a neologism: it prefixes the Japanese term 心 , Kokoro, or "heart, mind, spirit, essence", and as a suffix λόγος, Logos, Greek, which means "to choose, tell, enumerate, study". That said, what is it?

It’s a psychological current, and as such has the mind, particularly the personality, studied with a somewhat peculiar method: a play-projective test, in other words, is asked to imagine a situation, A response is chosen from among the four proposals and from them one deduces a behavioural aspect of one’s personality.


professor Isamu Saito

The birth of this Japanese current is due to Isamu Saito, esteemed professor of the Rissho and Waseda universities, and author of numerous successful texts about psychology and relations, including, precisely, "Kokology: the game of self-discovery" .



These studies, dating back to the early 90s, become a cultural phenomenon, thanks to the series of books published in 1998, translated into English in 2000, but above all thanks to a television program hosted by Tadahiko Nagao from April 91 to March 92 for Broadcasting Yomiuri Television Production Department IVS TV Production Actors George Tokoro Yamaguti Mie Inferior soul Izumiya Shigeru Miwa Akihiro.

Unfortunately, here in Italy, we have little or nothing, browsing the web, I was able to find only blogs, which present the main game in its operation (links below).

Does any of this have any "scientific value"?
Yes, the same that Nametest have on Facebook, so the results obtained are from "quotation marks", is to be considered more a goliardic pastime, than a real test.
A little curiosity on the subject, I have already told you that in Japan was a "cultural" phenomenon, so as to create a video game: Soreike Kokology Soreike Kokology 2 dated 1992 and 1993 by "Tecmo", with English edition for the consoles MAME[4] Sony_playstation and Sega-AM2.


kokologia videogame giapponese


But what exactly is it?
The most famous test, the main "game", is called "The cube": set in a desert, through eleven questions, is asked to fill the environment with various objects, this was popularized by the book "Secrets of the cube" by Anne Gottlieb, 1998.

Personal considerations, which is why I’m writing about it.
As I said at the beginning, I was intrigued and so, as a joke, I did it and it hit in full. So, if you are curious or just want to spend some time, maybe discovering something about yourself, I recommend it:








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