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Stamp Anti-Chikan, Great Success But a Lots of Controvercy

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timbro anti molestattore

 articolo in italiano

A Japanese company, which deals with office stationary, has presented a new "stamp" that is imprinted on the hand (or other parts of the body) of the culprit of molest, helps to identify it. Great success for the very first specimens sold, but also a lot of concern.

Unfortunately in Japan the Chikan 漢, or harassment on trains, is an increasingly growing phenomenon and represents a real social problem and a devastating element for the victims, which we must remember concern children and young girls.

For those who have been in Japanese certainly remember the massive information campaign found in the stations, many posters explicitly indicate the danger and what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

A company from Nagoya, which deals with stationery, has "inserted" itself in this panorama, expanding its catalog with a very special new product, a stamp that helps to identify those who harass you, thus making things easier for the victim .

Unfortunately this kind of accusations are not simple to carry on, there remains then a big sense of shame and impotence in the victims. So being able to use a similar tool would encourage us to come forward because it would give us greater security.

Is really easy to use, the stamp has a special ink that does not leave an obvious mark on the hand, but it is possible to see it thanks to the ultraviolet rays that discovering the timbre. An interesting and useful thing, because they could try to hide it, delete it or something else if it remained visible.


timbro anti molestattore 2


Needless to say, the first units produced (a first release of 500 pieces) sold out like hot cakes and are currently impossible to find. The company was surprised by the speed of the sale and is gearing up to increase production, and above all to improve the product thanks to the help of users.

Everything perfect then, a nice little object that will certainly help many people, but this little stamp has also triggered many controversies. This marking unfortunately leaves room for improper use because the stamp can easily be used for false denigration, or for stupid games by people or adolescents who would find it funny. Not to mention the fact that it is easy to mark a person, blame him and then make him go through hell only because he seeks revenge, or because he has a grudge against this person.

Although to a small extent, unfortunately this phenomenon of false accusation is present and has ruined the lives of many people, who find themselves accused by mistake, or even worse for premeditation.

As always the two sides of the coin appear when we are dealing with something that would certainly be useful to stem this phenomenon. Unfortunately, from what I have read in the various news, one is not inclined to take into consideration the possible distorted use that can be made of it, and I am afraid that it will not be long before hearing some news where some boy or girl (or worse still some adults) have used this timbre for pure amusement or spite.

What do you think? let me know in your comments. How would you behave?

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