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Smartphone Free from The Hotels for Tourist Use

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 To be used in hotels and outdoors, a
 smartphone from hotel for you to chat with your
 friends or do even calls? You can do it thanks in
 Handy, the free smartphone offered by the hotels
 for the period of stay.

On my last trip to Japan, while I was staying in a hotel in Hakodate, I discovered a great news, incredible, that I had never seen in other hotels: a smartphone to use everything for me.
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It's called Handy is provided free of charge by hotels where they have the convention with this particular smartphone. 
The features are really incredible and go far beyond the use as a normal phone, it can even be used to control the functions inside the room, such as the air conditioner, the lights and even the opening or closing of the curtains, a real own domotic "remote control" (functions that depend on the hotel that provides it).

The use is very simple, once switched on it'll guide you in the configuration of the terminal with the choice of languages ​​(unfortunately limited so far) and some small settings and It will be immediately ready and available for you.

What is most interesting is the use that can be done not only inside the hotel, yes, because you can take your smartphone with you when you leave room and use it outside.
The smartphone becomes a very useful tool, not only because you have an open connection where and when you want, so you can use facebook, internet, e-mail Whatapp or line, etc. but also the possibility of using already installed applications that provide support on how to move around the city, where to go, what to visit and places where you can eat.

For those who use the pocket Wi-Fi could be an interesting and useful solution for the many applications I was talking about, a little 'less useful for those who took a prepaid sim, but you can use it in rooms thus avoiding valuable data.

In Japan there are just under 300 hotels that use this system, you find them in any type of structure, not only those of medium-high beams, but also in those of medium-low range (like the hotel in Hakodate where I stayed) .
handy smartphone hotels
I leave the Link where you can see the hotels that use this system, spread throughout Japan (and in the world) so maybe in one of your next stay you can find it in your room.
I remind you that the use and the finding or not in the room have no surcharge, you can use it for free without any particular problems. Have you already seen or tried it? leave us your impression. 


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