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Anisong アニメソング a division of primary importance

animesong 10
Anisongs (short form of the word アニメソング, anime songu) is a separate genre/sound of Japanese music production, a "subgenre" of J-pop. This musical genre has established itself in recent years with the growth of anime productions and with interesting openings or endings that have fascinated those who follow Japanese animation.

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Overview on Japanese Music

musica giapponeseWhy talk about "Japanese Music"? If you want to explore the aspects of a culture so different from ours, music is a necessary element because it runs through the entire history and society of the rising sun.
But what is meant by "Japanese Music"? as for the concept of music itself, the term is a very generic adaptation that indicates all Japanese musical production, both of native origin and that with influences from abroad.

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Death Note デスノート The Theatrical Representation of Discord

Death Note The Musical poster

In Japan, anything is drawn from anime and manga to entertain and entertain the public, not least live-action films, some of which even managed to reach us thanks to the cinema, but above all to Netflix. Perhaps, however, not everyone knows that films are the latest product of an evolution of a more rooted and long-lived form of entertainment, which affects the Japanese stages, or theatrical musicals. Despite being a genre of show born in America, it soon spread all over the world and in Japan it has now become a more than natural phenomenon.
Unlike other musicals, the feature that strikes the attention of this title in particular is its production, with an international character: HoriPro, a Japanese production company that had already worked behind the live-action films, for the theatrical transposition.

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The IDOL Phenomenon In Japan

fenomeno idol giappone 3  

 This phenomenon, all Japanese, had its beginning in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but there is an interesting fact, in 1962/63 there was a French movie, "Cherchez the idol - Seek the idol", with Syilvie Vartan, who was immediately taken to Japan and from that moment was coined the name "IDOL" that would go to identify all those young people, even minors, who would be delighted in show business , singing, dancing, sketch, etc ..


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Alice Nine The Last Album Nightless City Eden 不夜城エデン

alice nine jp2


Alice Nine アリス九號, Japanese visual-kei band, is synonymous with a style, a type of music, mainly rock, which defined itself as "Japanese and Western eclecticism", a slogan, adopted since its inception in 2004.

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