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The IDOL Phenomenon In Japan

fenomeno idol giappone 3  

 This phenomenon, all Japanese, had its beginning in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but there is an interesting fact, in 1962/63 there was a French movie, "Cherchez the idol - Seek the idol", with Syilvie Vartan, who was immediately taken to Japan and from that moment was coined the name "IDOL" that would go to identify all those young people, even minors, who would be delighted in show business , singing, dancing, sketch, etc ..


But Japanese people, always looking to improve their products, found the way to enrich the thing by grafting, during the group's show, a whole series of movements and sounds that would make the girls irresistible in their fans' eyes. Attitude series is identified with the name "KAWAII - 可愛 い" which is cute - adorable as the girl in the picture, Shiritsu group Ebiso Chuugaku.



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In the 1970s, when the phenomenon exploded, many TV networks began to create programs for their own Idols, which contributed even more to the phenomenon. Two were the most successful groups of the period: the Pink Lady and the Candies.


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The new movement was unstoppable but on the scene came a true genius named Yasushi Akimoto, this man, who among many things is also a record producer, invented a true revolution in the field by launching the Onyanko Club group, the revolutionary novelty was in the number of girls that would make up the group and it was dozens of girls who would be exhibiting together. The find was immediately a success rehearsed by the explosion of fans who would run out of every free place in the various concerts and also begin the overwhelming sale of gadgets, photos, CDs, DVDs and so on. with a turn of millions and millions of Yen.


fenomeno idol giappone

AKB48 group 2017 where some group senators such as Minegishi Minami, Kashiwagi Yuki, Watanabe Mayu, Iriyama Anna are recognized.


Akimoto-san is the deus ex machina of the galaxy AKB48 the most important and famous idol band of this phenomenon, every new song and concert always sell-out, but despite the great reputation of the Akimoto-san groups they managed to find the They place many other groups, such as Momoiro Clover Z, Morning Musume, C-utes (who, however, have closed their adventure this year after 12 years of success), Dempagumi inc., Afilia Saga, Angerme, Negicco etc..

But IDOL does not just mean girls, but groups of young boys are identified under this name, clearly have a much smaller impact, but in any case not underestimated.

 But there is an aspect that goes far beyond the admiration of fans to these girls, as admiration becomes empathy, many fans become dangerous subjects for the safety of girls who become targets of rather violent attacks by these Stalkers who literally go mad with knifes and other offensive tools, and some of these girls will carry the signs of these aggressions forever on their faces and bodies. Tomita Mayu, for example, is one of these unlucky girls and had to forsake her dream forever because of the repeated stabbings inflicted by one of these crazy fans.


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This empathy becomes life's responsibility for many girls and boys so the behaviors that IDOLs have to keep must always be blameless because they become an example.






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