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The 2000 Yen The Banknote Few Japanese Love

Banconota 2000 yen

A little used and little loved banknote that you will rarely find in Japan, are the 2000 yen banknotes, particular and interesting.

Few know this particular banknote because even in Japan it is very difficult to find, it does not circulate regularly and to tell the truth and it is not much loved by the Japanese themselves because, being used little, it is confused with other denominations, and confusion is never welcome among the Japanese 😄

The banknote is characterized by a green color which should make it more recognizable than the others. In one of the faces is represented the Shureimon (守礼門), the main monument of Okinawa part of the castle Shuri (首里城)

Banconota 2000 yen 2

while on the other facade we find Murasaki Shikibu  (紫式部) the famous writer of one of the most famous novels in Japan and in the world, namely Genji monogatari (源氏物語), dating back more than a thousand years ago.


Banconota 2000 yen 3

In fact, the first time I saw it, I too was confused and mistaken for the 1000 yen one, then looking closely I saw that it was different, but in the long years that I went to Japan I had never seen it circulate. and asking a Japanese friend of mine he told me about this particular banknote so little present in everyday life, and therefore so "rare" and little loved.

Have you ever found it? it is more likely that it will be given to you if you take cash from your bank before leaving, rather than having it as change or from an ATM when withdrawing.



2000 yen, Mauro Piacentini

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