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[Recipe] Namban Chicken from Miyazaki Prefecture

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Namba miyazaki japan7


From the Miyazaki Prefecture this homemade Namban Chicken recipe is prepared in the homes of the area. A recipe with simple steps and a delicious result to try.

I propose this my recipe that is prepared in Miyazaki Prefecture where I live. It is said that the first appearance of this dish dates back to 1964 where there are some early preparations of the recipe that I will now bend.


  INGREDIENT ( 4 People) :

4 chicken thighs (or chest is ok too)
                             Salt                               Peper
 Wheat flour                                                        Oil for fry                     1-2 Eggs

 For Nanban Vinagret :

4 tablespoons of soy sauce
6 tablespoons sugar
5 tablespoons vinegar

For Tartar Souce : 

1 - 2 boiled eggs (if you like)
Onions 1
Cucumber or pickles
Lemon juice

5 tablespoons mayonnaise (if you like)
1 tablespoon of ketchup (if you like)
1 tablespoon of sugar


Begin by cleaning the chicken thighs but keeping the skin intact. Once prepared, put them in flour because they are well-floured in all their parts.


Namba miyazaki japan


Mix 1 or 2 eggs (depending on how much you use for chicken pieces) and pass the pieces of chiken by covering them for one. Once prepared, shake them well, if there is an excess of egg leaves too much "slag" in the oil.
Immerse them in the oil that will have to be beautiful and hot for fry. Keep an eye on the pieces and let them bake well until they have reached a beautiful brown (but not burnt) color so that they can be crispy crust of the skin and the flesh.


Namba miyazaki japan2


As we watch the frying, let's start preparing the Namban Vinegret by putting all the ingredients in a pot and putting them together for good. Let's join them together on the fire (not too high) for partially reduces it and that there remains a nice liquid room and well-blended.


Namba miyazaki japan3


 The chicken pieces we have fried we unite them to our vinagret so that they taste good and taste it, leave it for the moment and start preparing our tartar sauce.

We take our cucumber, or alternatively the gherkins under vinegar if we want a more intense taste in our sauce. Cut them diagonally, then into strings and finally rotating them, we get squares all of the same thickness. The same procedure we do with our onion, trying to keep the same size as the squares of cucumbers.


Namba miyazaki japan4

The mix of cucumbers and onions let salt them and let them drain well. So that they don't leave the water, and to do this we can help you dry them with kitchen paper.


Namba miyazaki japan5

Let's boil the eggs and when they are ready and cool do the same thing that we did with the other ingredients. Using a small tool that strips the eggs we can get our squares. Put it all in a boule by adding the mayonnaise, the ketchup and a lemon splash, all mixing well.



Namba miyazaki japan6



Now that we have all of our elements we can assemble the plate by adding a small gasket. What is missing? Well! Good appetite and enjoy my dish prepared for you.

Continue to follow our cooking and taste of japan, the flavors from Japan you've tried in your travels and that you might want to try and get home.



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