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[Recipe] 豚カツ Tonkatsu Delicious dish for Everyone

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ricette e preparazione tonkatsuarticolo in inglese


Among the most popular and appreciated dishes in Japan, and not only, is Tonkatsu 豚 カ ツ, a sort of breaded and fried pork cutlet, easy to prepare at home for any occasion.


Tonkstsu was introduced to Japan the first by Portuguese and was called "katsuretsu" (cutlet, then simply Katsu), and unlike the modern one it was usually beef. Today's Tonkatsu is the one with pork and has a catch on the first time it was served in 1890 in the Ginza district of Tokyo. The term "tonkatsu" 豚 カ ツ was used for the first time in 1930.

Preparation is simple and easy to reproduce with our own ingredients because they are all easily found in any shop without having to go to the ethnic ones.


1 slice of Pork Lonza or Fillet about 2cm

1 or 2 eggs (depending on size)
Panko or Grated Bread
Frying oil
Salt to taste
Pepper Black ground fresh


Preparation does not take much time, it's quick and easy.

Take the slice of Pork, if you want a slimest Tonkatsu I recommend using the pork fillet, if not even the lonja just fine. Work by removing any excess fat. Practice small cuts on the edges, this will allow the cutlet to not "curl" during cooking while flat.

Beat the meat slightly so that it can make it a little, to make it softer. Salts and peppers on both sides and left for a moment to "rest" as you proceed with the preparation.

Put a frying pan in the fire with the oil to fry. Break the eggs and bang them in a pebble, blink well the ovo that remains well-blended. Flour the cutlet and pass it into the egg, then pass it in the Panko or Pan grated pressing on the meat to adhere well.

Panko is the Japanese pansy pan, located in large supermarkets or small ethnic shops, but it is also easy to prepare to yourself, just take some white bread, pancarré or sliced ​​bread; remove the edges and blunt it roughly. If the bread is dry you can proceed and grate it, if it is fresh I recommend topping it, or putting it in the oven or toast toast.

When the oil is at a temperature (refer to a temperature of 175 ° C), dip the breadcrumb (do not touch the bottom, so avoid burning it) and fry well on both sides turning it a couple of times.
The tonkatsu should not have a fry too long, the color not where to become brown too dark, much will also depend on the type of bread you have used for the beet.
Once ready, let it drain well and cut it (still hot) into 6 pieces and place it on a plate.


ricette e preparazione tonkatsu 2


As an accompaniment, if you want to stay on a Japanese theme, you can use finely cut cabbage to put in the dish. Tonkatsu can be served with several accompanying sauces, such as Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce or sesame sauce.

In Japan it is served this way, with a Cup of Miso warming and helping to digest the fried. You just have to try and certainly you will not be disappointed ;).



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