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[Review] Teppan Baby Restaurant in Shinjuku

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Teppan Baby Shinjuku


I visited Teppan Baby in August, and I want to tell you my impression. A good place in one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Tokyo, Kabukicho, Shinjuku.

Kabukicho is one of Shinjuku's most vibrant areas, both for entertainment and fun, as well as for good food.

In this area so active I found a good place and wanted to share with you my impression on Teppan Baby, a restaurant with preparations mostly made on plate or irons but not only because it also has a variety of dishes that can please everyone .

Getting to the place is pretty simple. For those in the area, it is not far from the Samurai Museum, but you can walk to Seibu-Shinjuku Metro Station  in just a few minutes walk. Follow the map below and get there will be quite simple.

Teppan Baby Shinjuku map


 I loved the atmosphere, the practical and sometimes minimal furniture allows you to feel comfortable. The staff is friendly and for those who can not speak Japanese, you can also order in English.

Teppan Baby Shinjuku 3

The food is prepared directly on the plate and already, this is an attraction in itself. For meals, as I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of choice in the menu of the house, but even if  I'm vegetarian, this didn't create problem to me because they prepared a special vegetarian dish.


Teppan Baby Shinjuku 2


The restaurant is open early in the early hours but watch the days:

            WEEKLY TIME:                                                        WEEK-END TIMES:
       From 18.00 to 05.00                                                 From 18.00 to 24.00
     Last Order Food 04.00                                             Latest Order Food 23.00
Last Ordinance Drinking 04.30                                Latest Ordering Drinking 23.30

My impression is certainly positive, an experience that I would certainly repeat, and I can assure you that I will definitely came back there again.
My friend Romano was in the restaurant a few years ago and he said that the restaurant has been renewed since then in both style and target, attracting more customers in some sought-after cases.

If you want to know more you can go to their website, unfortunately there is no possibility of having other languages except the Japanese:  www.teppanbaby.com/shinjyuku/
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