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Capsule Hotel カプセルホテル in Japan: a unique travel experience - My experience

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Japan is known for its unique and innovative culture, which is also reflected in the hospitality industry. One of the most interesting concepts is that of capsule hotels, an economical and functional solution for tourists that has gained more and more popularity in recent years.

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First Step Before Entering in Japan

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After a long flight, with the excitement of visiting the Japan that you have dreamed so much, or come back after the first time, the first step to take before entering is through immigration.
The first steps start already on the plane when you'll receive 2 forms to fill out for entry into Japan, a white front / back for immigration, to fill out including the  questionnaire on the back

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Eating in Japan Saving the Mid

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Eating in Japan can be expensive, but there are some small "tricks" that allow you to save, eat well and good things, even up to 50%.
But there is a small solution, a kind of "trick" to save up to 50%. As you will be asking for, it is actually simple because Japanese stores and supermarkets use an interesting and useful philosophy that should use more of the shopkeepers than we are, or in the closing time, to discount the rest to sell it and not to throw it away .


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Prepaid SIM Cards for Use Mobile in Japan

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  Would you like to be able to use your mobile phone in Japan ? let's find out how they work, the models, the rates and above all useful warnings before purchase of prepaid SIM cards. 
Despite what you think about Japan, unfortunately about the free Wifi, they are still behind. Few hot spots free and not always easy to configure.
So how do we do when we are around temples and having fun? the solutions can be essentially two. One is the pocket wifi the other one, that is gaining ground, is the use of prepaid sim cards that cover our period of stay.

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Risks in the case of Visa Expired or not Renewed

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 The Japanese regulations on the permits of stay (VISA) must be followed accurately because the consequences can be heavy. You will understand what could happen if you are discovered with expired VISA (either by mistake or by fraud).
In Japan there are different types of VISA and there are different types, but the most common is the Tourist Visa that allows you to stay in Japan for 90 days (check your country normative) without the need for visas or special procedures.

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