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The Hyoutan Onsen Beppu

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Hyoutan onsen is located in the Onsen town of Beppu, south of Japan in Kyushu. This onsen appears in world tour guides, we find it even in the Michelin Guide, one of the most famous, getting 3 ***.
This property is perfect for relaxing after a long day of hiking and has a simple usage system, even for those who use it for the first time.

Beppu is a particular city because overlooking the sea (so in the summer it is a beautiful place) but above all it has a number of amazing spa facilities, virtually the whole city it is.



Hyoutan onsen beppu map




From Tokyo you can take Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen to Kokura where you will change train, Sonic Limited Express, to get to Beppu Station. The journey will last about 6 hours and the cost is around 25,000 yen.
For those who have the Japan Rail pass the journey stretches a bit because you can't take shinkansen like the Nozomi, so you have to take the Hakari and Sakura and make a further change to Shin-Osaka. It saves but it stretches a bit.

For those who depart from Osaka, everything is closer and the changes are limited to 1. Look forward to timetables and changes, making life easier. In both cases the trip, albeit long, is convenient, especially when you arrive in Kyushu.

Arriving at Beppu we have to take a bus and we can opt for 2 choices: Oita Kotsu Bus to Kannawa Onsen going down to Jigokubara Bus No. 20 at a cost of 330 yen; Or Kamenoi Bus to Kannawa Onsen and get off at Kannawa Bus No. 26; Once you have walked for about 6 minutes and you will arrive at your destination.


Once you arrive you will enter to the Hall and you  must remove the shoes that will put inside the locks to lock (1). Once you go to the automatic ticket machine, it's pretty simple and intuitive (before you go, you will find all the prices) but if you have problems ask the staff (2).


Hyoutan onsen beppu 2


Took the tickets (advice: if you did not take them too), go to the counter and hand it over, along with the shoe key (3).

 They will give you another key that will allow you to use the lockers inside the locker room where leave your clothes and your belongings (4); This key is shaped like a bracelet so wear it and bring it with you safely during your bath.

These onsen are not mixed, so there are separate spa for men and women, here is a map of the structure to give you an idea of what you will find inside:


Hyoutan onsen beppu 3

Great truth? It's really a nice place. It is divided into baths for women (the part on the other right) and that for men (the bottom part), with common areas at the exit, and a dining space inside where to eat. Always respect the rules of Onsen I recommend.

This is the area reserved for women:

Hyoutan onsen beppu 4

This is the area reserved for men:

 Hyoutan onsen beppu 5

For men there is also a very relaxing sauna and "cascading" baths, suitable for those with muscular problems or bones, since they provide a warm and relaxing massage with their massage:


Hyoutan onsen beppu 6

Last but not least not worthy of note the outside baths (men) are a fairy tale, summer or winter is always a unique pleasure:

Hyoutan onsen beppu 7

What else to say, you have nothing but to enjoy this incredible place.


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