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The New Series Pocketbook Dictionaries of Evangelion

Evangelion dictionary gakken
The Gakken, a company known for its books in the linguistic field, like the dictionaries and its pocket versions (Kotoba Erabi Jiten こ と ば 選 び 辞典) has collaborated with the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion to publish a limited edition set of five books. 
The Kotoba Erabi Jiten is a kind portable dictionary very popular in Japan in recent years because of its simplicity that ease in transport and reading. 


The five books in the box will be given different topics and will be titled: Dictionary On the words of emotion (感情辞典), Dictionary of practical words (辞典), Dictionary of creative names ( Dizionario 辞典), Joint dictionary (辞典), Dictionary of difficult Kanji (漢字辞典). Each dictionary will present a different character from the EVA series, along with some of their iconic dialogues.


gakken evangelio dictionary


The idea is very interesting and nice, even if the classic debates on Evangelion will begin about to use it for anything because it is a product that for good or bad always makes people talk about itself and above all sells the amount of fans and fans of this famous anime series.
Beyond what you think of the series I found them interesting. The covers are very beautiful, and each dictionary refers to a different character of Eve, and once the booklet is extracted the inner cover shows to you the reference Eva connected to the character.

shinji asuka dictionary


The book that refers to Shinji is linked to the dictionary of everyday words. While the one related to Asuka refers to the dictionary of Creative Names.

Kaoru Rei mari dictionary

The dictionary connected to Rei is "Words and Emotions", perhaps a small joke from the publishing house, knowing Rei is the one that less suits her :D. Mari contains the dictionary on the languages of the world, and finally Kaworu is associated with the dictionary of complicated Kanji.


Evangelion dictionary 3

These small pocket dictionaries are a new product put on sale from February 6, 2018, so brand new, and are sold in 2 versions.
 A single little book with the characters Eva, in this way you can decide, also based on the topic of the volume that you choose (as well as choose according to your favorite character). The cost of each volume is 999 Yen. 

Evangelion dictionary 1

Or choose the purchase of the Box at a cost of 4995 Yen so as to have the complete series with all the characters from real collections and fans of the series;)

Evangelion dictionary box


For more information, or to buy the small books or the box you can go to the Evangelion Official Shop www.evangelion.co.jp/ or to the Gakken hon.gakken.jp/reference/special/kotobaerabi/index.html.



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